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You Are A Lightworker - Deanna Leigh JosephDeanna Leigh Joseph

You Are a Lightworker.

Many people believe they are here, on this planet right now, because there is something special, or specific, they are supposed to be doing. Some people believe they are being punished by Karma, while others believe they are here to live their Soul’s Purpose.

And while Karma may have a lot to do with why we are all here right this moment, there is actually another reason why we are here, and it has nothing to do with punishment!

Our main reason for being here is so Divinity can have an experience of Self Expression.

Join me every Wednesday in April at 10am PDT as we go into lessons from earth school, our reasons for being here, and what it means to be a Lightworker during these trying times. We’ll discuss:

  • Cracking the Karma code
  • Soul’s purpose and universal laws
  • Angels & Cosmic Companions
  • The power of dreams and synchronicities
  • Chakras and energy

Each session will take place in a ZOOM video call, will last approximately 90 minutes, and include Q & A time.

Right now is really an incredible time to be alive. No doubt, we are faced with a challenge that has no precedent; we are entering a new world. But with all the changes, and worries, and concerns, there is one thing that never changes; we came here to live a life as a fully empowered soul.

We get to be here right now, and make an impact that is as unprecedented as these times we are living in.

I hope you’ll join me.

You are a Lightworker

5 week online training
$ 111
  • Cracking the Karma Code
  • Soul's Purpose and Universal Laws
  • Angels & Cosmic Companions
  • The power of dreams and synchronicities
  • Chakras and energy

You Are a Lightworker Series

Purchase the five-week Lightworker series right now for $111

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