The Creative Process Plus 

5 Week Online Webinar/live Series
Starting Wednesday, March 17th at 6:30pm Pacific Daylight Time

At our physical location in Yucaipa, and on ZOOM. 

You’ve heard the saying, when you change your thinking you change your life. This is not just some new age platitude – it’s actually true, because when you change your thinking to allow for greater good, you are actually expanding your consciousness to include a new, greater experience.

So everytime you seek to create more good in your life, you first have to shift your own consciousness to include that good. And you shift your consciousness by first practicing that shift in consciousness; you imagine and feel your good as if it’s already happened. However, if you are feeling particularly challenged, it can be really hard to get into that feeling and imagining state, so you end up putting off your good for yet another day. Again.

In the Creative Process PLUS workshop I’ll share the tools to give you clarity around this process.

Week 1 – Steps to Expanding Your Good
We’ll cover the unintentional blocks to your good, and the positive steps to clear the way.

Week 2 – Cracking the Karma Code
You’ll discover what karma is and isn’t, and how to “clear’ your own karmic patterns.

Week 3 – The Creative Process
We’ll discuss the creative process as put forth by some of the greatest new thought influencers of the 19th & 20th centuries.

Week 4 – Affirmations and Denials
How to use affirmations and denials to empower and shore up your resilience in the face of challenging situations.

Week 5 – The 10 Percent Rule of Energy
How the 10 percent rule of energy affects our manifestation and creation process by either speeding things up, or slowing things down!

These tools will raise your vibration, and help you over the hurdle of feeling trapped by circumstances and events.

This expanded webinar series is valued at $150, but because I want everyone in our community to experience the benefit of its power and energy, I’m offering it right now for $99.

R.S.V.P. – After I receive notification for payment for this workshop – I’ll send you the sign in info for ZOOM.


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