Navigate Your Power and Purpose Workshop

Does it feel like everyone else has amazing results using the Law of  Attraction, yet nothing seems to shift for you?

Do you still struggle with the same issues you struggled with a year ago (or more), even though you feel like you are practicing positive thinking and gratitude?

Do you feel a sense of urgency about moving forward?

Do you feel like you need better guidance on your soul purpose and life mission?

If you are like me, maybe you’ve tried programs designed to get your manifestation juices flowing; spending hundreds of dollars, only to end up being disappointed. Again.

What I had to discover, through trial and error, was that knowing about the Law of Attraction was just not enough. There are actually other Universal Laws at work in our lives, and the Law of Attraction is only of 11 (or even more) that have influence over us!

First I had to learn how the Universal Laws worked (there are seven of them, plus the master law), and then I had to gain a deeper understanding of the process of Cosmic Ordering – which is also known as Affirmative Prayer, in order to learn there is actually a recipe for attracting that goes beyond just visualizing the good stuff and thinking positively!

But it didn’t stop there! I also had to learn how our brains are actually programmed to limit our potential, and so I needed to create a divine blueprint, or template, for what I did want to create!

And I blended these processes into the Navigate Your Life workshop!


In this 4-part workshop you’ll learn:

  • What your Soul’s Purpose is and how to identify your calling, or Life purpose.
  • The Universal Laws, the Master Law, and three secondary laws (that’s 11 laws in all).
  • The recipe for the Cosmic Ordering process.
  • How to channel more energy and light into your desired outcome.
  • How your brain either limits you or supports you in this process.
  • How to create a Divine Template.
  • How to combine all this information into a powerful process for manifesting. 

Navigating Your Life is a workshop that’s designed to help you step into your Divinity, and level-up! Through the process of creating order and balance in your life, you open the way to  your greater good and abundance, and you learn to channel even more light than you thought possible! 

You are an Infinite Being in a body, and designed to thrive in your earth experience. With the knowledge and understanding of the spiritual laws, you will be able to embrace, more than ever, the understanding of your own Divinity, and what a powerful creator you truly are.

Are you ready to level-up? Then let’s get started!

$44.00 – Includes workbook.

This workshop runs on four Wednesdays, from 3pm to 4:30pm

February 17th
February 24th
March 3rd
March 10th

This workshop takes place on ZOOM. After payment, you will be emailed sign in instructions, and your PDF Workbook.