“Would you rather be right or happy?” Wayne Dyer

I remember these words echoing in my ears.  What?  That made no sense.  If I was right, it was very important that others understand this, and know that they were wrong!  Geez, after all, if I were wrong, I’d want to know, right?


Being right or wrong actually has nothing to do with being right or wrong.  It has to do with being good; good enough.

The need to be right may be an indication that we are not feeling so great about ourselves.  We think that being right makes us better, and when they are wrong, they are not as good as we are, and that also makes us better.  If they are right, we must be wrong, and then we’re not as good anymore.  Pride and ego are what make it imperative to be right!

Needing to be right may also mean that we have some fear about changing a belief.

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