Are you struggling to share your gifts?

Are you confused about your Life purpose?

Then you are out of alignment with who you are at a Soul level!

Symptoms of misalignment:

  • Staying stuck in fear
  • Easily distracted
  • Confusion about Life Purpose
  • Feeling lost and unsupported
  • A sense of always waiting for things to change
  • Feeling there is something important you should be doing
  • Lack of clarity and direction
  • Feeling disappointed and disillusioned

These energetic misalignments are also known as blocks and restrictions, and they will keep you from discovering who you are at a Soul level.

What are Blocks and Restrictions?

When you go through a challenging period, or traumatic situation, you are more likely to make choices based in fear and limitation; these choices create the energetic misalignments that become blocks and restrictions. And, it’s these blocks and restrictions that will make it more difficult for you to access your Soul Level traits.

What Happens in a Soul Blueprint  Reading?

We start by discovering who you are at a Soul Level. You will learn what your Soul Level traits are; this is also known as your Divine Blueprint.  You will learn how to utilize the natural gifts and talents you came into this life with. You will also learn about your Soul Group of Origination, and your Soul Specialization (what you do between lives), and how these can add to the joy of your human experience.

We then discover (and remove) the energetic blocks and restrictions that are keeping you from living your divine purpose and experiencing your divinity right now. These are often found in past lives. Once the energetic blocks have been cleared, you will have more freedom to fully experience your divine nature right now.

Once you discover who you are on a Soul Level, and clear the blocks and restrictions that keep you from experiencing yourself as a divine being in a body, you will experience a transformational shift in consciousness that may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Greater ease in manifesting your heart’s desire
  • More clarity about your Calling
  • Awareness of your Cosmic Support System
  • Feeling divinely guided and empowered to take action
  • Enthusiasm and joy throughout your day
  • Awareness of your Soul Level gifts and strengths
  • Awareness of your Self as an Infinite Being in a body

Soul Blueprint Reading – $149.

As an Infinite Being in a body, you were made for so much more than tolerating and settling for the circumstances of your life. Act now, and discover your true nature and potential through the process of discovering who you are at a Soul level.

All readings are done over ZOOM. Readings run approximately 60 minutes.