Spirit Guide Reading

When you enter into this incarnation, you are accompanied not only by a team of angels, but also by a team of Spirit Guides.

These Spirit Guides assist you by offering support and guidance that allows you to experience your divinity while in a human body.

In the Spirit Guide reading you will receive information about your two main guides, gathered via the Akashic Records, and what sort of guidance they have for you. You will also receive a specific message from each guide, and information on their particular method of communication, so you can be open to those moments when they are trying to get your attention.

And you will also be able to ask questions about your guides, and your life purpose and path, and get some coaching from them!

Spirit Guide Reading – July Special – $89 (normally $129)



The Spirit Guide Reading is done either over the phone, Skype, or if you are in the Redlands area, you can have the reading in person. Once you pay for your reading, you will be asked to send the following information to me so I can access your guides through the Akashic Records:

Current Name:
Name at Birth:
Date of Birth:
City/State/Country of Birth:

We’ll then set up an appointment time, and you can start thinking about what you’d like to ask your spirit guides!