Personalized Dream Interpretation

Dreams are the direct psychic link between you and your higher self.

Dreams are a doorway into the unknown; a map from your soul, guiding you back toward the awareness of who you are at a soul level. They hold the key to a strange and wondrous universe; an unknown realm filled with guidance, wisdom and answers to even the most confusing of questions, and the most challenging of obstacles. They are the key to wholeness and healing on a soul level.

However, the language of dreams can be perplexing to an unseasoned traveler of these inner realms. Combine this with the fact that the more desperately the subconscious mind tries to reach out to you, the more puzzling the dreams can seem. You may find that you are having nightmares, or repetitive dreams, yet the more you dream, the less you seem to know.

When I do personalized dream interpretations, I ask specific questions about the symbols that appeared in your dream and your feelings in the dream so we can find your overall dream theme {ie., fear, anxiety, etc.}. Then I give a detailed interpretation of your dream, along with an explanation of symbols, interpretation of the overall meaning of the dream and emails for any follow up questions you may have.

You already have the map, but sometimes you need a guide when you are venturing into unknown territory. It would be my honor and privilege to walk with you, as your guide, as you take this journey into a deeper understanding of your self at a soul level.

Personalized Dream Interpretation – $79.00

Once payment confirmation is received, you will be mailed a questionnaire to get the dream interpretation process started.


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