You  may want to be more psychic, or intuitive, and feel comfortable following divine guidance. But lets’ be honest. You’ve read the books, taken the classes, workshops, and seminars, and even bought the crystals that help to enhance intuition.

But still nothing. Not even your pendulum, or 40 decks of oracle cards seem to want to cooperate. And no matter how many pleas for guidance and support you send out to the Universe, your angels and spirit guides are all strangely quiet.

And while your lightworker friends are seeing auras, having out of body experiences, and finding their twin flame, or soul mate, you are going through your day in the most ordinary ways; life may even feel boring.

This was my life. I lived as a new age junkie until I finally understood three things.

1. Being a new age junkie doesn’t make you a lightworker. This explains why so many lightworkers still have issues with relationships, abundance, and following their life purpose. This is because they are waiting for that crystal to shift their energy, or their spirit guide to give them the magic recipe for an enchanted life, all through no effort on their part.

2. We are spiritual beings in a body. If we have too much woo woo, that means we are not honoring our human experience. Life is magical when we are present; that’s why we came here. If we spend all our time trying to be super metaphysical, we are missing the point.

3. You don’t have to have vibrant visions, or be super sensitive to energy to be a lightworker. In fact, that seeming “lack” of sensitivity  often implies you are much better at working with light and energy than you think.

Then of course that meant I had to change my perception of what it meant to be a lightworker.

A lightworker is someone who acts on their own higher guidance, and doesn’t rely on someone else to come in and solve all their problems, yet, they know when to ask for help.

A lightworker takes responsibility for their own energy, and doesn’t blame outside forces when life gets difficult. Instead, they open to intuitive guidance to find out what is required to move forward again.

In the Tools for Real Lightworkers online program, you will learn to energetically connect to your own source of guidance, and shift your personal vibration, so it becomes possible to gain the understanding and experience of what it means to shine forth as the powerful creator you came here to be.

In this six week online course you will:

  • Establish a daily practice to connect with your spiritual support team
  • Utilize the power of gratitude
  • Learn to be a conscious co-creator
  • Work with your dreams
  • Learn to attract synchronicities
  • Heal/release non-beneficial relationships and limiting beliefs

The next Tools for the Real Lightworker program starts Monday, June 22, 2015, and runs for six weeks.  In this six week program you will attend a live weekly streaming event, and participate in a secret Facebook group.

Join the Tools for the Lightworker Online Program, and live the brightest version of your life now!

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