When I was 19 years old, I had a dream that changed my life – literally.  I dreamed that my car had broken down.  And that night, as I was about to start the 20 mile journey down a dark and lonely country road, my car started to exhibit the signs it had exhibited in the dream. Because of the dream, I turned around right away, and made it to a place where there was a phone (this was before cell phones) moments before my car died.

At the very least this dream kept me from spending the night in my car out in the middle of nowhere, and it changed the way I would view dreams from that point on.

I used to work as a phone psychic.  What I found out through this experience was that most people already have the answers to their questions, they just don’t know it!  They call a psychic because they want confirmation on what they already know, or because they want guidance.

What they never realized was that they have a nightly connection to their soul’s wisdom; a connection to a divine place that already had all the answers and guidance they could ever hope for.

Dreams come to us from our Soul, or higher self, and are streamed through our subconscious mind, and speak in a language that is somewhat unfamiliar to us.  This is actually a good thing, because it keeps our ego from interfering with our spiritual and emotional growth.

In the six-week Shamanic Dreaming workshop, you will learn to decipher this secret language, and use the messages of your nightly dreams to move forward on a path that is yours, and yours alone.

In this workshop we will discuss many aspects of dreamwork. We’ll focus on:

~ What it means to work with dreams.
~ Ways to remember and interpret dreams.
~ Types of dreams.
~ Understanding dreams symbols.
~ Discerning guides, angels, higher self/soul, and the meaning of other characters in dreams.
~ Dream Re-entry, and other exercises to help you work with the dream.
~ Working with waking dreams.
~ Trusting intuitive guidance.
~ Nightmares.
~ Signs and synchronicities.
~ Attending “dream” school – learning in the astral planes.
~ Dream spirits and the Big Vision – discovering your life purpose.

Dreams are one of the very best ways to connect to your inner guidance system, and amp up your psychic abilities. They are a gateway into a world that offers solutions, encouragement and wisdom.  In this workshop, you’ll become a familiar traveler within these realms, and an adept at interpreting the signs of your subconscious, and the messages from your soul.

Six Week Online Workshop $159

Next Start Date: T.B.A.


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