We all love learning new things, developing our skills, and growing spiritually. But, most of us are also pretty busy;  sometimes too busy to get to focus on those things.

That’s why I love taking online courses; because they always fit into my schedule.

I offer a variety of online courses that help you to nurture and develop your spiritual self, because I know you love learning, but you are a busy person too!

Light and Energy Online Program:

Learn to energetically connect to your own intuition, and develop your own spiritual gifts, so that you shine that light every day, and move forward on your soul’s path, creating a lighter, brighter life.

Journey of the Dreamer Online Program:

Learn to decipher this secret language, and use the messages of your nightly dreams to move forward on a path that is yours, and yours alone.

33 Days of Joy:

In this twice yearly online program you’ll receive the tools to feel joy even when life is throwing nothing but lemons your way!