Are you waiting for the Universe to tell you what to do?


Do you feel like you should be doing something more meaningful, yet are too overwhelmed to do anything but just get by?

Do you feel like clear guidance is passing you by because you lack faith and resources to follow through on anything?

There is a metaphor about a frog, and boiling water, that coaches and healers love to share with their clients; if you put a frog into boiling water, it will jump right out. However, if you put a frog in cold water, and turn up the heat gradually, it will not notice the gradual change in the temperature, and eventually die in the boiling water.

This is how most people are affected by the stress in their lives. Because it comes on gradually, they get used to it, a little bit at a time. Before they know what’s happened, they are tolerating an inordinate about of stress, have gone on auto-pilot, are wondering what happened to their life because getting back on track seems impossible! 

In the 33 Days of Conscious Living online program, we will get you back on track: you will get the tools to remain more aware, get off auto-pilot, and be more conscious in your daily life so that you can get clarity and guidance on what to do next.

You see, when you are on auto-pilot, you will miss the Divine Direction that ultimately is guiding you into the next brightest version of your life.

  • To transform your life, you must expand your consciousness.
  • To expand your consciousness you must take new action.
  • To know what new action to take, you must listen to Divine Direction.
  • To receive Divine Direction, you must become more aware.
  • To become more aware, you must get off auto-pilot!

When I started my own Conscious Living journey back in 2013, it was out of desperation; I had hit a point so low, I couldn’t even manage to feel the smallest bit of hope. I was waiting for the someone to rescue me, and for the Universe to set things right so I could have my easy, happy, abundant life.

But what I discovered was that the Universe responds to us – IT is waiting for us to take an action because it responds to EVERY SINGLE ACTION with an action that supports what we just did.

So, if your last action was to feel sorry for yourself, and flop on the couch, guess what! The Universe gives you more to feel sorry for yourself about.

This means we have to be serious about the life we want to create and be willing to step out of our comfort zone so that the Universe will respond by giving us more opportunities.  But we have to get off auto-pilot, and develop more awareness so we can be committed to the life we desire!

So it was my own suffering that lead me to creating the 33 Days of Conscious Living. This program takes place in a secret Facebook group. There will be daily assignments, and a weekly live training (which will remain available if you cannot make the live training).

You will learn:

  • Your secret superpowers.
  • How the “age of Aquarius” has changed our overall frequency, and how quickly we can manifest.
  • An “action plan” to more deeply connect to the Universe, understand your intuition, learn the power of course correcting, understand what it means to take new action, how action increases the occurrence  synchronicity, and more!

So are you ready to commit to the life you want to create, and take this 33 day journey with me?

Then sign up for 33 Days of Conscious Living online program in a secret Facebook group, and then get your journals. The journey starts December 21st!

Let’s get started!