Hi and welcome!

My name is Deanna.

I was born Deanna Stevens, in Redlands, CA. But we moved around a lot. One of my favorite places to live was Pine Cove, CA.

I’m back in the Redlands area now.

Not too long ago, my mom confessed to me that the man I believed to be my biological father, William Stevens, was not actually my father. My biological father is a man named Joe Milich.

I already felt like an exile most of my life, never really seeming to belong anywhere. And wow. This just really surpassed those feelings of lack of connection, and any grief I thought I was capable of.

Though now I’ve had some time to sit with it… it’s not horrible. Just disappointing. Like so many things in life.

Everyone has things they miss, or feel the longing for, or the loss of. And it goes into our cells and our soul. And I believe that finally (finally) I have the wisdom to channel all that I feel, seek, or need to heal, into the work I do as a teacher, minister, and singer-songwriter.

Maybe this was weird to write this… but sometimes life… you know, sometimes it just gets weird.

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