40 Days of Grateful Living – Online Intensive

Starts Sunday – October 20, 2019.

I know you’ve heard of the power of gratitude.

And, like me, you’ve probably thought “I’m a grateful person – I say thanks if someone hands me a piece of cake, or opens the door for me.”  

And you may even have a regular practice of gratitude, and it feels nice. 

But let me ask you this:

Has gratitude impacted your life in a significant way?

Has it allowed your greatest good to flow into your life?

Has it strengthened your faith in what’s really possible for you?

Has the power of gratitude opened you to be a greater channel for good in your world? 

If you cannot say YES to these questions then I invite you to join me on this 40 day journey deeper into gratitude.

Jesus mastered gratitude; he stepped into gratitude before he performed a miracle. And we will be stepping into Gratitude in a deeper way, together, for 40 days.

And we do this process ALL ONLINE (in a secret Facebook group) for 40 days – because 40 is the number for transformation. Days 1-40 are a period of testing and THEN we come out on the other side transformed into a new version of ourselves.

IF you are still waiting on insights on how to create your highest good or a piece of spiritual wisdom to impact your life, it could be that the missing piece is gratitude.

Everyday you’ll receive either a quick video, or journaling exercise, designed to move you deeper into the transformative power of gratitude.

I hope you’ll join me!



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