What is your Soul Purpose?

Have you ever thought about what your life would look like if you were living your soul’s purpose right now?

  • Instead of feeling torn between your heart’s desire, and what you think you should be doing, you’d have clarity about the possibilities available to you in any particular moment.
  • Instead of feeling stuck, or confused about how to move forward, you’d feel divinely guided, and empowered to take action.
  • Instead of feeling a restlessness, or longing for the life you dream of, you’d feel enthusiastic about every area of your life.
  • Instead of feeling blocked and limited at every turn, you’d have a greater understanding of what it means to be an infinite being in a body!

But maybe you are currently struggling with living your Soul’s purpose right now, and feel unsure about how that’s supposed to look, or what you’re supposed to be doing? Maybe you feel stuck in a job that brings no satisfaction, so you want to train in a new vocation. Maybe you’re in your dream job, but you’re struggling financially to make it work, even though other people doing the same thing make it look so easy! Maybe you feel stuck in your lifestyle, or like a stranger in your relationships. Maybe the problem is simply that you don’t feel you are receiving clear, intuitive guidance, so you feel stuck.

If you feel this way, believe me, you are not alone!

Once upon a time, I believed that I’d start living my soul’s purpose as soon as my rock band became famous. We were pretty good, and I was pretty sure that being a singer/songwriter was my destiny. Well, it was until it didn’t work out.

Then I was pretty sure the Universe gave me a big thumbs up to get into holistic healing (my new dream job), so I spent thousands of dollars on the training, and got into a beautiful healing arts center, in a very prosperous location.  Everything was in place for my success; only it never came! Even though every other healer in the center had a packed schedule, and experienced success, and even though my clients seemed to really like me, I continued to struggle.

So then I decided to get my training as a life coach, and this really did seem like a good fit, again, until it wasn’t!

There were no words to express my disappointment! Three times now I’d truly believed that once I started living my Soul’s purpose, that doors would open, and life would become effortless! I’d really believed that people who discovered their Soul’s purpose were rewarded with an easy life, so I thought my intuition must have been misguided. After all, I had really, really, wanted to be a singer/songwriter, and that had felt right at the time! And why would I want to get into holistic healing so badly if I wasn’t meant to be a healer, or into life coaching if I wasn’t meant to be a life coach? And yet, if this was what the Universe wanted me to do, why was I struggling so hard?

What I had to learn was that my soul’s purpose was not what I thought it was!

At that time, the definition of Soul Purpose that ran rampant through the new age, metaphysics, and healings arts communities, was that to live your soul’s purpose you had to be a an artist, a healer or psychic of some sort, do yoga, or follow some really interesting and new agey spiritual path. And of course that was a popular concept, as you never heard a school principal, scientist or the manager of a bed and breakfast talking about how they were living their soul’s purpose, right?

Of course that would mean the majority of the people on this planet were not currently engaged in living their soul’s purpose. How could that be possible?

So I thought about my disappointments, and I thought about my struggles. And then I asked this question out loud, to whatever cosmic forces were listening: ‘what do I do now?’ The response I got was underwhelming!

Do whatever you want.

What followed was your typical existential crisis, or dark night of the soul. I felt crushed, and so I withdrew from what I loved, and it was in that space I discovered that everything I’d learned about living my Soul’s purpose was wrong! This was actually really good news though, because it allowed me to gain understanding about three vitally important aspects to living our Soul’s purpose.

#1 Your Soul’s purpose is not about what you do.

Your soul’s purpose is to experience itself as a Divine Creator. This means every moment is an opportunity for you to experience your divine nature through living your life; every activity, every event, every relationship, every choice. All of these things offer you the chance to express your divinity. So even if you don’t have the cool job, are behind on your bills, or do yoga, you can still live your soul’s purpose now!

You are an infinite being in a body, an idea in Divine Mind, an extension of Source Energy, born to create heaven on earth. So, why would you only be able to express your divinity if the outside circumstances of your life supported that expression? Because you were born to be a creator, this means you are wholly able to create, in this moment, a life filled with love, light, peace, joy, and abundance!

#2 Your Soul’s purpose is about ‘how’ you do what you do!

Remember the last time you got to do something that you were really excited about doing? You probably felt pretty enthusiastic, and happy, right? Of course you did! It’s easy to be enthusiastic when we get to do something we want to do!

Of course we don’t always get to do the things we want to. Sometimes there are things that are required of us. I remember a while back when my mom was diagnosed with a medical issue that would require her to be under constant care, my family and I had to prep her home so we could sell it. Did I want to do that? Well, not really – that was a lot of work (and I hate moving – even when it’s someone else)! But, I did want to help my mom, and so I was able to do it with a good attitude even though I wouldn’t have considered it fun.

The ‘how’ of how we do things is important. When we do something with enthusiasm, or at the very least, a good attitude, we can more easily experience ourselves as the infinite being in a body that we are. However, if we do something and resent having to do it, we have just greatly limited our experience of our own divinity.

When I was struggling in my own business, I’ll be honest – I was feeling resentment. I saw other healers and coaches doing what I did, with less experience and skill than I had, and yet they were experiencing more success. This was because they loved doing what they did, and they did it with a glad heart!

At this point I had to decide if I was going to do something different, yet again, or was there some way I could just change how I was doing what I was already doing?

If only I could get clear guidance that would steer me in the right direction!

If only I had a better understanding about my true gifts and talents.

If only there was some way to access all that information.

Oh wait…. there is! And the secrets of who we are on a Soul Level are found within what is known as our Divine Blueprint.

On a Soul Level, we have something called a Divine Blueprint. This is a very specific set of gifts and talents that each of us have; there are certain things we are going to be really good at, things that will come easy to us, and when we live our life according to our Divine Blueprint, we have more clarity – so our intuition is so much easier to access, which makes it so much easier to live our soul’s purpose.

This was why I struggled so much to succeed as a holistic healer; I was trying to do my work in a way that was completely off from my Divine Blueprint; I was trying to hold a sacred and healing space for my clients, and allow the healing process to take place. Of course this method works wonderfully for certain people, because it’s part of their Divine Blueprint. However, in my own Divine Blueprint, my strengths revolve around storytelling, teaching, and sharing information. That’s why I felt frustrated at having to sit quietly during a healing session; it felt all wrong, because it was wrong for me!

Once I started seeing clients in a way that allowed me to utilize my soul level gifts, my client load increased, and I felt constant joy and enthusiasm in the work I was doing because now I was working with my Divine Blueprint, rather than against it. But it wasn’t only in my work where I was succeeding. Life, all around, just felt happier. My relationships improved, I was able to organize my non-work life to be more successful, and overall I was just having more fun! This is because we are meant to be utilizing our soul level gifts in every area of our life. This is what allows us to live our soul’s purpose all the time, because that joy and enthusiasm is infused into everything we do.

#3 The Universe doesn’t have a plan for you – just do what you want to do!

People tend to get very upset with me when I tell them this, and believe me, the first time I heard this concept I was pretty freaked out too! But that’s because I believed that if the Universe had a plan, and was guiding me to do something specific, then that meant I would not, could not, fail! But this idea actually kept me stuck; it kept me from taking any responsibility for my own happiness and success, because I was waiting for the Universe to do everything. Of course that meant I found myself constantly waiting for the Universe to fix things. I was always waiting for something, and never doing!

Most spiritual seekers like the idea of the Universe having a plan, (myself included) because it means that we are supported. But just because the Universe has given you the freedom to choose to do whatever tickles your fancy, this doesn’t mean you are unsupported on your journey. You actually have a very responsive team of Cosmic Companions that support you in every moment!

So no, the Universe doesn’t have a specific plan, and really, if it did, that would mean we didn’t have freewill! However, just because there’s not a Universal directive in place about what you are supposed to be doing, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be following your heart’s desire, or your ‘calling.

A calling is something we feel called to do. It’s a desire to live our lives in alignment with our Divine Blueprint, and experience our Soul level gifts right here and now, while we’re in a body!

When I had the great desire to be a singer/songwriter, holistic healer, and then life coach, all three of these vocations were actually connected to my calling, which is to share information that brings others a deeper understanding of themselves as an infinite being in a body. However, the way I chose to express myself doing each of those things was in direct misalignment to who I am at a soul level because I was trying to ‘do’ each of things the way I’d seen another person succeed at them. I never felt authentic!

Once I learned who I was on a soul level, I was able to approach not only my career from a different perspective, but my entire life, because now I know a soul level secret about myself, and how to more fully express myself as an infinite being in a body.

Living Your Soul Purpose

You are an infinite being in a body, and right now you are making choices that either support that awareness, or block that awareness.

If you are making choices that block that awareness:

  • You may choose to do things the same way everyone else does, even if you are intuitively guided to do things differently.
  • When you get the intuitive guidance that supports what you want to do, you may write it off as wishful thinking, or you ignore it because the changes required are too big and scary to act on just yet.
  • Following intuitive guidance just feels too scary!

If you are making choices that support that awareness:

  • You listen to, and act on, your intuition.
  • You have more clarity.
  • You have more ‘ah-ha’ moments.
  • You’ll utilize your Soul Level gifts and strengths, which allow for greater transformation.
  • You feel as if the Universe is moving things onto your path that support your current direction.
  • You’ll take more actions that allow for the expansion of your greatest good.

When you discover who you are on a soul level, you gain the clarity and insight needed to step forth as the divine creator that you came here to be. No matter your living situation, no matter your career choice, no matter what, the possibilities for your divine self-expression are endless.

But just because something is possible, that doesn’t mean that it’s probable. It’s the actions you choose day to day that make something more likely to manifest into your experience.

It’s time to turn those possibilities into probabilities! And I can help you with that with Soul Realignment™ Reading.

Click here to find out more about a Soul Blueprint Session now, and discover who you are on a Soul Level, and start accessing the gifts and talents available to you within your Divine Blueprint.

Remember, your soul’s purpose is not about what you do, it’s about how you do it, and when you make the choice to live your life based on who you are at a Soul Level, you naturally up-level the life you are already living. So let’s get started!

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