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I started my first dream journal when I was in high school. At the time, there weren’t any books available on how to work with dreams (that I could find), so I contented myself with just writing them down, every morning, dream after dream.

Then I had my first precognitive dream; a dream that I believe may have actually saved my life. At the very least, it caused an extraordinary transformational shift in how I would view the world of dreaming. Suddenly my dreaming life leveled up. It was official; I was a dream worker.

“Sometimes dreams are wiser than waking.” ~ Black Elk  

Until you actually have the experience of a dream that won’t leave you, most people are content to believe that dreams are just the mind’s way of getting rid of stress, or excess mental baggage gathered throughout the day.

But dreams are a doorway; they are messages from our higher self, meant to guide us, and bring us back into alignment with our divine nature. Dreams help us heal, and give us wisdom and guidance when we feel like we are caught up in the web of this physical world.

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Dreams and the spiritual path.

When I first started along the spiritual path, I had a great desire to be known as special. I wanted my gifts to be recognized; I wanted attention and approval. I thought that when I had these things, it would mean I was standing in my own power.

What I didn’t realize was that the more I sought acceptance and approval from outside myself, the more I was denying my own light; if someone could approve of me, they could also disapprove of me.

Then I had another dream that changed my life. In my dream, I discovered I already had a divine gift; the carving of a thunderbird on four of my teeth. The gift had been there all along, but I was the only one who could recognize it.

In my dream, I was attending a new school, and I was very excited. I ran around telling everyone I had “thunder beings” carved into my teeth, but everyone just turned away. At one point, someone actually asked me to just leave!

Though at first I felt very defeated by this dream, as once again, I felt as if my gifts were not being recognized, what this dream taught me was that we have to be the ones to recognize our gifts. If we try to impress others, we are not in congruence with our divine nature; we are simply seeking approval, which will never lead to fulfillment.

It is the nature of dreams to align us with our divine nature, whether we choose to walk a spiritual path or not. Our entire reason for being on this planet right now is to allow our soul to have creative expression through this human experience, so, our Soul has several ways it shares this wisdom through us; intuition, inspiration, signs, synchronicities, and dreams.

We frequently experience these things in waking life, however, more often than not, they will be written off as a coincidence, or something that was just interesting, and the deeper meaning will be shrugged off. However, when we experience these things in our dreams, they leave a lingering feeling that there is something more, and often these dreams will haunt us for years!

Full Moon

The Dream That Won’t Leave You

Over the years, my thunderbird dream stuck with me; I would have dreams that were connected to that dream, or I would see symbols that reminded me of it, or it would pop into my mind, and shortly thereafter, I’d see a sign confirming that not only had I been thinking about that dream, but it seemed my dream had also been thinking about me! Now when I originally had this dream, the internet was still pretty new, so when I searched about the meaning of this dream, I found only one website. And it basically stated that anyone who dreamed of the thunder beings was being called to help others remember their divine nature, and to do it in a way that was different from what was expected. The challenge to helping others remember their divine nature was that now I had to remember mine – and that wasn’t always easy.

Over the years, I found that when I tried to express my divinity the way my mentors and teachers did, it never seemed to work very well for me. But when I remember the message of this dream; to accept my own divine nature, and do things differently, in my own way, life just feels brighter!

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” ~ C. J. Jung


The House of Bright Waters

Dreams may give us the answers we need to solve the difficulties we are experiencing. Sometimes that answer guides us to someone who knows more, and sometimes it’s a simple action we can take, that is, if, and when, we recognize what the dream is trying to tell us.

I used to have recurring dreams about water. Generally the water was dark, and frightening, and usually filled with terrifying beasts that I couldn’t see, but I knew were there, just below the surface. In my dream symbols book, I learned that water generally represented the sub-conscious mind, however, these dreams were just so terrifying, I couldn’t make any headway with understanding them, and usually succeeded in putting them out of my mind altogether. This meant I didn’t learn from them, or have the opportunity to heal what needed healing.

Then I had a dream that was instrumental in helping me to understand dreams about water; I was in a house built on the water; the house was bright pink, with white trim, and had a reflective, shimmering, quality. The water was a brilliant topaz blue, clear as far as I could see, and it felt like I was just off the coast of Greece. To travel from room to room, I had to take a small boat; sleek, and beautifully carved. The water was so bright and beautiful, that I never wanted to leave, so I made plans to buy the home. In the dream, a real estate agent helped me through the process, and then announced to me that the home, and everything in it, had already been mine, and all I’d had to do was claim it.

The next morning when I awoke, I felt very empowered by this dream. Not too long after that, I had a very frightening dream about a killer whale trying to kill me, and because of my previous dream, I was able to look at this dream differently.

The Orca, represents family loyalty, soulmates, and speaking up about emotional pain; facing the truth of what’s not working and doing something about it – that’s the only way we can be in integrity. The water represented my emotions and subconscious mind; I was being affected by my situation, and it was not a little thing! As I thought about this dream, I realized that I had a great deal of fear surrounding one of my main relationships, and what it would mean if I refused to further tolerate the negative behavior and chaos this person brought in to the relationship.

Dreams tell us what we don’t know on a conscious level; they bring to our awareness something we’ve hidden away because we weren’t ready to deal with it. Dreams bring information in from the unconscious mind, or the sub-conscious, and this information is intended to help us. If the issue, or problem, persists, our dreams may actually get more frightening as a way to get our attention, just like if someone calls your name, and you don’t hear them, they may end up having to shout at you to get your attention.  

dreamingSubconscious Overload Dreams          

Subconscious overload dreams are dreams that seem to make no sense, and are filled with events from our day. Most people believe that the majority of their dreams are just the subconscious mind blowing off steam, when in fact, for most people, these dreams remain in the minority of dreams types.

If you are not sure if your dreams are trying to tell you something, or just releasing the excess energy from your day, here are some tips to help you clarify.

Emotional Check
How were you feeling in your dream? Were you sad, worried, or frustrated? The emotional content in a dream will indicate if it’s important to look for any possible meaning. Dreams that are highly emotional in nature usually have a message. This is especially true of bad dreams and nightmares. If you wake from the dream filled with fear or anxiety, it’s important to look at the deeper meaning.

The most common type of dream is the symbolic dream. Ironically, at first glance, they can appear to be subconscious overload dreams (because they don’t seem to make any sense), but they are filled with information that is important to the dreamer. Symbolic dreams will generally leave you feeling as if there is some important secret you are meant to discover, and you may find yourself thinking about the dream throughout the day. To decide if your dream is symbolic or not, first start by writing down the entire dream. Look at everything in the dream to see if it has any meaning to you and your current situation. If there is no feeling whatsoever, then chances are it holds no message for you.

We all have days that can be overwhelming, and our dreams can reflect this back to us. When we have a hectic day, and don’t get any time to unwind before bedtime, we may dream a repeat of a situation from that day and wake up the next morning feeling as if we’ve had no rest at all. Take time in the evening to relax the body and mind, and clear your head from the day.

Some subconscious overload dreams happen when we have done something that took a lot of energy, and may be very different from our normal routine – like dreaming of being at the beach after spending the day at the beach. Even though these dreams may not carry a life changing message, they do alert us if we are not taking time to relax and center ourselves before bedtime.

FeathersDream Symbols: Personal vs. Universal

Everything in the dream is a symbol, even the tiniest of details. And every symbol will carry either a universal meaning, or personal meaning. The universal meaning is something that carries a universal message; for instance, many cultures view the dove as a symbol of peace. Personal meaning is the meaning we give to the symbol.  For example, I know someone who took art lessons as a child, and in the classroom was a large cage with several doves. She found the doves a constant source of annoyance, as they were constantly cooing. Most people don’t share this personal experience of doves, however, her unique experience with the doves may mean that if she dreams of doves, there’s an aspect of annoyance, rather than peace, associated with the dream.

Emotions in Dreams

Emotions in dreams are also very important, and should always be considered, no matter if the symbols are friendly feeling, or if they are frightening. If someone dreams they are touring the African Savannah, and being stalked by lions, yet feels excited, the dream may mean they are stepping into an adventure, or out of their comfort zone. If someone has the same dream, yet feels terrified, it may mean they feel they are being forced out of their comfort zone, and feeling overwhelmed and frightened by the challenges.

Laying in LeavesBasic Dream Interpretation

Everything in the dream is an aspect of you, the dreamer, so it makes sense that you should be the one to assign the meaning to your dream symbols, when you can. Take a moment and write down everything in your dream, including characters, location, any animals, or plants, household items, vehicles, clothing items, etc.

Next pick one item, and describe it out loud, in as much detail as possible, like you are describing it to someone from another planet, who has no idea what you are talking about.

For example, in my dream with the killer whale, I would have described the whale as large, swift, deadly, graceful, part black, part white, (light and dark), lives in the water, yet breathes the air, capable of eating a person, yet committed to their mate for life. The female gives birth to a baby (rather than laying eggs) and both parents are extremely protective. Their skin looks shiny, and feels different than it looks. When I found my own description resonated with me, I knew I was on my way to understanding my dream.

Of course sometimes we may dream of something we know nothing about, or very little, so our description will be limited. I know if I were to dream about a Koala Bear, all I could likely come up with would be “cute,” and “eucalyptus.” Of course, sometimes that may just be enough. However, if you want to, you can invest in a good dream interpretation book (see my recommendations at the end of this report.) It can definitely make exploring the world of dreams a bit easier.

its not youWho should work with their dreams?

I believe everyone should work with their dreams, at least on occasion. However, if someone has trouble accessing their intuition, the practice of working with dreams can actually help them become more intuitive and receptive to the signs and synchronicities that happen in daily life. Dreamwork also helps us to be more open to receiving messages from our angels and spirit guides, who frequently communicate with us through the medium of inspiration and intuition.

When someone makes the choice to start the practice of dreamwork, this intention causes a subtle shift in consciousness. This shift causes the dreamworker to be more aware of the subtle messages from the Universe, along with having more awareness of the deeper meaning behind seemingly coincidental events.

Most people who work with their dreams on a regular basis feel a strong connection to their divinely wise Self, which allows them to make choices that honor and allow them to express their divine nature.

Dreaming to Awaken

It is said that the world has lived and transformed through four ages; each one more difficult than the last. We now sit precariously on the edge of the fifth world, and it’s our choices, both individually, and collectively, that will determine our experience as we move into this next vibrational shift.

The universe, which is constantly seeking to express through us, will give us ample opportunities to become more aware, and make better choices, as we move through these changes. Working with our dreams helps us to be more aware of the many ways that spirit communicates with us, and is a powerful catalyst that helps us remember our connection to the universe so we can awaken to our divinity now. bio pic

Are you ready to let your dreams guide you in discovering and awakening to your own spiritual gifts and talents? Then let’s get started!

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Dream Dictionary Recommendations:

The Hidden Power of Dreams by Denise Linn One of my favorite books on working with dreams. Includes a dream dictionary.

Dream Sight: A Dictionary and Guide for Interpreting any Dream by Michael Lennox