Energetic Tools for Intuitive Living

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed by stress, that you actually felt consumed by it? Have you ever felt so stuck, you couldn’t even make a simple decision, or maybe you found yourself making a decision, and then right away regretted the decision you made? Have you ever waited to be rescued because you felt so lost, and unsure of what you should be doing next that it felt easier to veg in front of Netflix or a computer game?

Well I have! And when we are so overcome by the challenges in our lives, we tend to make choices based on fear and limitation, and these choices are never in alignment with our highest good, and will always keep us from living our higher purpose.

I know what it feels like to be consumed by stress! At one time, my own life was in a constant crisis mode. I had to take on the role of a caregiver to a family member who was more than a bit difficult! This caused me to be so stressed, I couldn’t even make a simple decision! Soon, every area of my life was affected. My personal relationships suffered, my business failed, and I had to put to rest an entrepreneurial project of mine, that meant so much to me, that to let it go broke my heart. I was so stuck, and so lost, I didn’t even know where to start fixing things, let alone what to fix! The best I could do, at the time, was turn to carbs, Netflix, or crying alone in my bathroom.

I finally figured out that no one was going to ride in on their white horse, and fix my life. That was up to me. This is how my new and improved daily spiritual practice was born. I wanted the tools that would empower me to make conscious choices, so that I would not only have awareness of divine guidance, but act on it too!!  Even under stress. Even during difficult and challenging circumstances; I can still take action.

When you have a daily spiritual routine that not only empowers you, but supports you at a soul level, you are less likely to be overwhelmed and consumed by the challenges and difficulties that are, let’s face it, very likely to come up from time to time.

In fact, when I am regularly doing this practice, challenges and difficulties are so much easier to handle! Am I stress free? Hell, no! But I move through the dramatic process created by the stress much faster, and I am able to make choices that allow me to express the brightest version of myself – even when my life is difficult, even when I’m in emotional pain.

So how about you? Are you tired of getting stuck in the cycle of overwhelm and confusion? Lack and limitation? Are you ready to get the energetic tools that will help you recognize your connection to a source of higher guidance, so that you can make conscious choices based on your highest good? Are you ready to make choices that support your higher purpose?

In this two hour workshop you will discover ways to access information you have on a soul level, and not only be more in-tune with the inspiration and Divine Guidance you receive through-out the day, but also have more clarity on how to act on that guidance to create your brightest future.

We will cover the following:

What it means to be “connected” to the Light.
How to receive extra Source Energy?
What is a Divine Download?
Using a Levels of Frequency Chart to reset your vibe to YES, YES, YES.
The power of sending blessings out into the world.
What is cord clearing?
How dreams enhance intuitive skills.
Is “Gratitude” really a power?
What good are goals?
Do affirmations really work?

Remember, getting a spiritual routine in place empowers you to make more conscious choices, listen to, and then act on, divine guidance, so you can experience your highest good now.

If you are ready to start creating the brightest version of your life possible, then let’s get started!