Sun tries to wake me…
Shakes me, shines on me brightly
I say it’s a dream.

But I am the dream
Sleeping soundly through the noise
of a singing sun.


It felt like something had been stolen
broken, into a million pieces.
You smile; look happy,
and don’t see me bleeding.
It’s been 8,000 sunsets,
since I last touched your hand,
when the pieces of me scattered
in the wind like leaves.

I hadn’t meant to see you there,
smiling, so happy, her hand in yours.
Hot tears won’t come.
Pasted smile holds firm.
You don’t see me… you never really did.
Magically, my broken heart keeps beating.

April 5, 2010


Golden whispers surround me
Ship sails gently, bearing me home,
I look to the shore, for a sign, just to know.

I don’t see the signs that surround me
My heart has gone off on a journey of its own.
I sing from my soul, spellbound, try to grow.

I don’t understand what I’m looking for,
All I know is that there is something more,
Something, and someone, I am here for.


May 14, 2011


The harmony overcame me before
I understood where I was going…
Before I understood that I was falling…
I just can’t think when we sing together.
Your eyes, aquamarine, cause me to spin
toward a distant universe,
where we are in synch… in harmony.
Here I just come apart,
the harmonies, more than I can bare.
And I bare much with my song
because it fills my soul
with longing, and opens me to my core.
I will never reach for you…
except through a song,
sung gently through a heart aching to open.

Deanna Joseph
© July 6, 2009


Wake up sweet girl,
I remember who you are.
Dreaming gently, rolling waves
carry you away quickly.
But I am quicker!
Always following, a step ahead.
So wake up sweet girl,
taste the golden light of your soul.

© Deanna Joseph 2009


Magic Tree photo by Ivan Trombley

As I walked down the forest path,
A path I’d never seen before,
I heard a song, so soft and sweet,
A song I’d never heard before,
I found a dream within a dream,
A dream I’d never had before,
Of smiling faces, brightly lit,
Of friends I’d never known before.
So walk ye gently, and keep kind heart
and know that those who’ve come before
are waiting with a hearth well lit,
for those who wander to their door.

(c) Deanna Joseph 2006


The dress rehearsal has ended…
It’s time to begin, for real this time.
No looking back,
No wishing for something better,
No waiting for something to be perfect.
No props… no script…  no mood lighting.
The only time to live my life is…   now.
And so it begins.

© Deanna Joseph July 21, 2010