A song, once sung, so very near,
Through realms forgotten,
Through places darkened,
The heart that beats from there to here,
Was once a song so ever clear.
We stand together, and stand alone,
As planets waken,
Our memories shaken,
And though the light is all we’ve known,
It still hurts to let things go.
If dark and light both make things grow,
Through glad receiving,
And re-believing,
Through choices we have yet to know
Then dark is light, and light is soul.
(c) Deanna Leigh Joseph

Winter breathes its winter song,
sung from a heart sincere.
Winter dreams, nights cold and long,
as the warm hearth draws you near.
Winter frosts bring fires bright,
but it’s not fire that keeps you here.
But love that warms the winter heart,
bringing hope, and love, and cheer.


If love was a sunrise, across painted land,
Would my heart open up to the sky?
If love was a promise, would I understand,
Such words upon wistful a’ sigh?
If love was the water; a trembling stream,
Would I drown in the soft silver light?
If love was the longing of vanishing dreams,
Would my heart chase the hours of night?

But love is not sunrise, nor promises true;
It is that which my mind will not know.
So I hunt in the dark without even a clue,
For the map that will lead me back home.
For love is a star that has fallen so far,
That the sorrow cannot be explained.
In abyss of the heart, where stars fall just to part
The longing and map are the same.


(c) Deanna Leigh Joseph



Do I “do”  or do I “try,”
Am I trapped, or do I fly,
If I make the ceiling, sky,
I ask “when?” and never “why?”

Do I reach, or pull away,
Or take a chance on this new day,
And know I’ll always find a way,
To let light say what it will say!

Am I the brightest I can be,
Do I shine for all to see,
So all can shine – this light is free!
Pass it on, and bright you’ll be!

(c) Deanna Joseph

For the amazing kids at the Grove in Redlands! Keep spreading that light!



Sweet light glistening on pomegranate seeds,
ever beckoning, enticing, reckoning, receive…
There’s a truth here that sometimes can’t be seen.

She breathes through the light awakening,
ever calling, singing, murmuring, she sees…
There’s a story here, bright as what she believes.

Earth and sky, embracing, will see,
ever quickening, beguiling, and shining as she
accepts the gifts that pomegranates bring.

(c) Deanna Leigh Joseph



Winter's Dream by Amanda Clark

Winter’s Dream by Amanda Clark

Seven is the painted sky,
Seven dreams, unfolding true,
Seven whispers, spirit hears,
Seven journeys ’round the moon.
Seven songs sung through this heart,
Seven heart-aches, colored blue,
Seven times the shaman’s drum
Sings my soul back home to you.

(c) Deanna Leigh Joseph


Golden eyes blinking sunlight,
as summer winds stir the air,
a gentle voice, quietly singing,
singing of longing, singing of loving,
singing of being with the wildflowers of the realm.

A moment of knowing the sparkling starlight,
and strangely bright colors everywhere,
a gentle voice, a tale told softly,
a tale of longing, a tale of loving,
a tale of being with the wildflowers of the realm.

No matter the time, no matter the season,
it is but a dream in a dream we have here,
a gentle dream that is constantly flowing,
dreaming of longing, dreaming of loving,
dreaming of being with the wildflowers of the realm.


A great ship floats, safe and sound,
in the harbor, anchor bound
safe from storm, and waves that breath,
tales of longing from stormy sea.

This great ship, well built is she,
to face adventure on the sea.
But safe in port she’ll never know
the gifts a journey will bestow.

All great ships, wild souls are they,
to fearlessly face each storm and wave,
through moonlit course, and sun drenched sky,
and stars that guide when day draws nigh.

So weary traveler, have no fear,
for safe and sound your ship will steer,
past dragon’s den and siren’s song
through moonlit waters where dreams belong.

Like great souls, great ships should be
set upon the blue green sea,
to journey across the watery moors,
for that is what great ships are for.



The night sky twinkles brightly
reflecting the light
our hopes are made of.

So many stars… so many dreams…
I shiver to think
I am part of this magic.



You’re like the light from a distant star,
Sometimes lost in the brightness of the Sun
But, secret touches and small adventures
Remind me that I matter, even though I’m alone.

I want to be loved so fiercely
That even in my orbit, I can feel the power
Soul to soul, connected, reflective,
Like the light from a distant star.