Bright Soul Special Offer

You are a Soul here for one purpose: To experience your Divinity through your humanity. However, because your experience is based completely on the choices you make, if you are unaware of who you are at a Soul Level, and energetically limited in any way, your choices will reflect this, and the life you experience will be a lesser version of the life you came here to create.

Experience the benefits of knowing who you are on a Soul Level, so you create the brightest version of your life, by acting on this special offer just for my readers and students.

Soul Realignment

A Soul Realignment™ has two major components.

First, it’s the process of discovering who you are at a Soul Level. You will discover your Soul Level traits, and learn how to utilize the natural gifts and talents you came into this life with. You will also learn about your Soul Group of Origination, and your Soul Specialization (what you do between lives), and how these can add to the joy of your human experience

You will then discover (and remove) the energetic blocks and restrictions that are keeping you from living your divine purpose and experiencing your divinity right now. These blocks and restrictions are what keep you from fully accessing your divinity, along with information about where they came from and why. Once the energetic blocks have been cleared, you will have more freedom to fully experience your divine nature right now.

Right now just $199 (a $279 value) 



Or get the Me and a Friend Soul RealignmentReading and get a reading for your Self, and a reading for a friend or loved one for just $349  (A $558 value)




The Chakra Analysis
After you’ve received your Soul Profile, and done the clearing work given to you through your Soul Realignment™, you will find that things in your life start to shift fast! The Chakra Analysis helps to clear the root cause of current difficulties and challenges that arise.

The chakras are the channels for your vital life forces, and when they are flowing in a balanced and harmonious way, they activate and maintain well-being in the physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

Healthy chakras then will feel like well-being; positivity, enthusiasm, and excitement for life.

Imbalanced chakras may feel like despair, melancholy, lack of motivation, or being stuck.

The imbalances in the chakra system happen on a physical, emotional, and mental level. This just means that your chakras can be thrown off either through physical actions you’ve taken (like making choices that just don’t feel right), or mental or emotional actions, like too much stress, or unresolved issues.

So, imbalances in the chakras, (which will be either underactive or overactive) are caused by imbalances in your physical life as well as your mental and emotional life. Even if you’ve gone through a healing session (or several), if you go back to living your life the same way, you will recreate the same imbalances.

If the chakras remain out of balance, the energetic emotional disturbances can gradually turn into physical ailments.

In the Chakra Analysis you will discover what imbalances you currently carry within your chakras, receive a clearing to balance your chakras on all levels, and also receive homework to help you keep your chakras in balance by having more awareness, consciousness, and creating new habits. (Normally $99.)




Note: The Soul Realignment™ Reading is required prior to having this reading done.

Or, get the Bright Soul package; which includes the Soul Realignment™ Reading, along with three Chakra Readings (done two weeks apart after you’ve finished your clearing work).

$349 (Normally valued at $576.)