Ever since I can remember I’ve had an interest in new age metaphysics. As a child, I read a book called The Gift of Magic about a girl who was psychic, and it just made sense to me that everyone should have some sort of extrasensory abilities. When I was in middle school, I managed to find the only book in our school library devoted to the study of parapsychology, and I read it over and over again. When I was a teen-ager, I became fascinated with my dreams, so I started keeping a dream journal.

In my twenties, I was introduced to the philosophy of New Thought teachers like Dr. Joseph Murphy, Florence Scovel Shinn, Deepak Chopra, Joan Borysenko, Catherine Ponder, and Dr. Thurman Fleet.

I was introduced to a very powerful concept during this time, which would take me years to really understand and work with, and that concept was this: We are each God in a body.

This inspired me to become an ordained New Thought minister, and I began teaching, and speaking throughout Southern California.  

I now get to do something that brings me a tremendous amount of joy, and allows me to experience my highest purpose, and that’s helping other spiritual seekers discover who they really are; an Infinite Being in a body.

I believe we are all here to carry as much light as possible while in a body, and it’s so much easier when we know Who We Really Are; God in a body!


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