In spiritual circles and communities, the idea of “manifesting” our goals, or things we desire, has become very popular. And if you consider that we are created in the image and likeness of our creator, this makes sense.

What is Manifesting?

Manifesting is when we create experiences in our lives. Someone may plan a vacation, and then take that vacation. They have manifested a vacation. Someone else may have decided they want to learn to skate, so they buy some roller blades. They have manifested their skating experience.

When someone wants something, and then they get it, they may say they manifested it.

But it’s not just the good things we desire that get manifested. We may also manifest not so great experiences.

How are we Manifesting?

We are creating, or manifesting all the time. We manifest our experiences through our way of thinking and acting. However, since most of us have a habitual way of thinking and acting, we may manifest more obstacles than desires of the heart.

Have you ever known a chronic complainer, and they can always find something to complain about, even in the best of circumstances? Because of their habitual way of thinking (complaining) they will tend to manifest more to complain about.

And if someone consciously chooses to find things to be grateful for, they’ll likely manifest more experiences to be grateful for.

So the manifesting process itself is actually very simple. The hard part is gaining awareness of our habitual way of thinking and acting.

Three Steps to Manifesting Something You Want

So you are manifesting all the time. But there is a simple process you can start practicing right now to manifest more of what you actually want.

Step One: Get Clarity

So many of us fail to manifest our desires because we don’t actually know what we want. Maybe we keep changing our mind, or maybe we doubt our ability to manifest something important. But imagine that you go into a restaurant, ready to experience a delicious meal. The host seats you at a table, and brings you a menu, but they don’t bring you any food. Not yet. You will have to look at the menu, and actually pick out something from the menu before you can eat.

Step Two: Ask for Support and Guidance

Once you’ve gotten clarity about what you want, you then ask the Universe to support you. One of my favorite affirmations is “I welcome the Universe to support this now.”

It’s important to ask for support, and then to ask questions about your desire.

  • What would it take for me to manifest this in my life?
  • What’s the next best thing that I could do?
  • What do I need to let go of in order to manifest this?
  • Is there something limiting me right now?

Step Three: Give Thanks As If It’s a Done Deal

When we give thanks as if it’s already so, this frees up our minds to focus on making wise choices, and being the powerful creators we came here to be. This is much more powerful to our manifesting process than worrying and fretting about everything that could go wrong.

Once you’ve gotten clarity, asked for support, and given thanks as if, you want to pay attention and make sure that you don’t start doubting or worrying. If you start doubting the possibilities, this stops your energetic momentum. That doubt will eat away at your clarity, and you’ll feel yourself at a standstill.

We were born to be creators. As God created the Universe, we are here to create in our own lives. And all we need to do is get clarity about what we want to manifest, and then make wise choices.


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