The definition of Congruence: Agreement, Harmony, Compatibility.

It’s important for us to be in congruence with the experiences we want to create in our lives. But often we’re not. We may say we want to be healthy, yet choose to eat fast food. We may say we want to make friends, but then never accept any invitations to meet up with folks. We may say we support anti-bullying in our communities, but then go name calling other people we don’t understand.

We are out of congruence when we say one thing, and do another.

When we are out of congruence we are out of integrity, and we are more likely to experience struggle in our own lives because our actions are not supporting us creating the life we truly desire.

So – what do I want to create today? And, do my actions and behaviors support what I want to create today?

Big Love,
Rev. Deanna


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