“Thank You Universe for the good that’s on ITS way!”

One of the most powerful tenants of the New Thought metaphysics philosophy is the importance of having faith that our good is on its way, even when the appearance of that good is absent from our physical life.

Sometimes it can be hard to believe that something good is on its way, especially if we are experiencing something really difficult.

If we are in pain, it can be hard to imagine that wholeness is already ours.

If we are financially struggling, it can be hard to imagine that abundance is already ours.

When I find myself struggling with this, I remind myself first that the crap that I’m going through is actually cumulative; it didn’t happen over night.

For example, when I hurt my back, though it seemed sudden – “I just bent over, and bam! My back went out!” – actually it was a series of behaviors that built one upon the other, until my back was sufficiently weakened to go out in that moment.

Our good is also cumulative; like going on a diet – you don’t see any results the first few days, but in those first few days you are doing something very powerful – you are creating the template for weight loss – eventually you will see it in your appearance.

We allow “the good that is on ITS way,” to appear because we create a template that allows for it, little by little. That can look like gratitude for finding a penny on the ground “wow, money is really flowing my way!” Or “I create a fabulous budget and honor the money that is already present in my life!” Or “I reveal more and more well-being every day.”

Then we find other things to do that take our minds off what we are lacking. Like when I first injured my back, I was stuck in bed, so I allowed myself to thoroughly enjoy my Netflix binging, and reading books that I’d been wanting to read, but previously hadn’t had the time. GUILT FREE!!!!

Waiting for our good is like planting a garden, and having faith that in that fertile soil, the seeds are doing exactly what they need to do. You don’t sit in your garden for hours on end, and lament that nothing is growing! You pull weeds, water, and do the activities that nurture your garden, and then you go do other stuff.

You let the garden do its work, and you go to the movies, prepare meals and think about how fun it will be to cook with your own home grown veggies. You take the dog for a walk, watch some Netflix, write a poem, go to work, call a friend, stalk an ex on FB (no, don’t do that!), take a class, etc.

There are SOOOOO many fun things you can do, and when you do other activities, even if they aren’t related to the good you are waiting for to appear in your life, because you’ve taken new actions, you are raising your vibration to help your good make ITS appearance!

Your good is cumulative; every day you take an action that builds on the actions of the previous day. So what you do today is important! What you do today is the means for your good to make its way, eventually, into your life.

XOXO Deanna


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