“God gives some more than others because some accept more than others.” ~ Ernest Holmes

Oh boy! This used to be a really hard one for me to understand, because I thought being a good person, being a “spiritual” person, meant waiting for the Universe to just give me what I needed (or wanted). A good person doesn’t ask for things, right? Because that would be selfish.

Meanwhile, I’d see people around me accomplishing what I SOOOO wanted to accomplish! I couldn’t understand why the Universe would give to them, and not to me.

Why would It make things happen for one person, and not another?

Then one day my husband and I took our kids to this restaurant that is just a giant smorgasbord (you pick out your own food – as much as you want, whatever you want).

The food was abundant, and there was much to choose from. However, I could not just stand there with a plate, and wait for a bowl of soba noodles to come find me. I had to go to the noodles!

The Universe always says YES to us, but we have to present our plate to be filled. And that “plate” is our actions and beliefs. Essentially, the Universe mimics what we present to It (our plate); if we are waiting, IT gives us more waiting. If we are wanting, IT gives us more wanting. When we take an action to move us toward something we greatly desire, IT takes an action to move us toward that thing we greatly desire.

So we become better receivers by actively creating with the Universe, because as we take an action, ANY action, IT immediately responds to us; it fills our plate.

The Universe doesn’t just give us the thing we want. It gives us all we need to get to the thing we want. As long as we keep taking action, and responding to what the Universe is doing for us, IT keeps responding and giving right back! And we become better at accepting!

To Your Infinite Light!



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