Back in 2007, I asked the angels for a “sign;” Should we move or should we stay?
Well, actually I wanted to move. I was stressed, and our house needed so much work, and the bathroom had this mold in it :::yuck:::. And then my husband mentioned that he’d seen a house for rent that “looked like an enchanted cottage.” Of course I HAD to go look at it. And of course I took my kids who were 10 and 8 at the time. We fell in love with it.
So I found myself in a quandary; should we move or not?
I wanted to move because I wanted to run away from the stress that was in my life at that time.
So I asked the angels “should we move or stay?” And I decided that if I saw a “444” anywhere, it meant that we should move. So I got in my car, and I drove around town, staring down every license plate, until FINALLY I spotted my “444.” My sign!!!
It was time to sell our home of seven years and move – the angels told me so.

As I look back I see that move was a huge mistake, and I was looking for a sign where there wasn’t one. That move back in 2007 started us down a path of financial hardship that took us a several years to recover from.
Back then I knew in my gut that we needed to stick it out, and that with a lot of effort and some lifestyle changes, things would have been okay a LOT quicker than the detour we took – that’s for sure.
Often we know what we need to do, however, what we need to do may be hard, or require a change in lifestyle we don’t want to make, or it may make a family member upset, or we have to step way out of our comfort zone; so instead, we look for a sign that will give us an easy way out so we don’t have to do the hard thing.
When we get a sign, a REAL SIGN, it’s unexpected, and will bring with it an emotional charge like “Holy Sh!t!” or goosebumps or even the experience of stepping out of time for just a freaky moment. However we experience a sign, we’ll definitely have an experience.
When we’re searching for a sign and find the sign we want, it will feel totally delusional. We’ll know we’re fooling ourselves.
We should never be chasing signs; they should be chasing us.
XOXO Deanna

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