This used to be hard for me. It felt like I was working really hard, and yet not getting to where I wanted to be as fast as my peers were. And in some cases, I was much better at doing what I did than they were! Yet they were still getting the attention and accolades.

I felt sullen and envious every time they celebrated a success.

I finally realized that this was very poor energy management on my part, and that I would never experience my own success while I was busy channeling all that sullenness and envy!

My response to the successes of my peers was a reflection of my own limited thinking – the belief that if they had success, I could not. Or, the belief that it should have been me, but it was not, so I was a failure. Or believing that the Universe liked them better!

The truth is that if one of us celebrates a success, then ANY of us can celebrate success. If one of us rises above limitation, we can ALL rise above limitation!

If it’s been done, it can be done.

Now when another singer/songwriter books a house concert, I celebrate that, knowing that because she did it, that means I can too.

If another speaker gets a guest speaking gig at a place where I’d really like to speak, I celebrate it, knowing that if she did it, it’s in the realm of possibility for me too.

If another teacher fills a workshop with 250 people, I celebrate that!! Because wow! If she did, that means me too!

Those who succeed in their endeavors are putting forth a specific energy, and the required effort and commitment to achieve their successes. And when we are willing to put forth that much too, the way opens for us just as it’s opened for those who have come before us.


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