However, it often feels like it.

But the cold, hard fact is that sometimes we have to accept things that cannot be changed, and there are many things we do not have the power to change.

For example:

~ the weather
~ the rotation of the planets
~ how other people feel about us
~ being admired or accepted by others
~ having no talent in an area where we wish we did
~ not getting the promotion we worked so hard for
~ forcing someone to be in a relationship with us
~ making others accept our point of view
Of course, if a thing or situation can be changed, we change it.
But what do we do when we have to accept something we WISH we could change, but there’s no way in hell we can change it?
We transcend it.
When we transcend a situation, we rise above it, and move forward. In essence, we are practicing alchemy when we transcend something.
However, the first step to transcending is ACCEPTING.
In the “accepting,” we basically open the way to revealing what to do about those things we can’t change.
How can I rise above this?
How can I move past this?
What am I required to let go of?
What must I embrace?
How does Source want to work through me?
How is Source revealed in this situation?
Remember, as Source in a body, you are designed to transcend things – in fact, your SOUL LOVES that, because it’s all about EXPANSION.
You are made for expansion. Your Soul SUPPORTS this expansion. You are not stuck in this situation – you are fully supported in moving forward.
Keep moving forward.
XOXO Deanna

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