I’ve really been focused on learning the practical steps to peace so that I can embody peace, no matter what’s going on around me.

Let’s face it, things have been really hard. We are experiencing division and conflict more intensely than we ever have before! There is so much drama!

And guess what! This drama is all self-imposed. I know you don’t want to hear that – I sure didn’t! But it’s true. This is because we experience drama to the extent we feel disconnected from our Source.

The problem:

We experience drama because we have decided that something in our life is wrong, whether it’s a person, situation, or event. When we’ve judged something as wrong, that means we aren’t seeing God as the everywhere present Source that it is.

The solution:

When we continually carry the awareness that we are an Infinite Being in a body, we are aware of where we come from (Source Energy) and remember that Source is present in every person, situation, and event. This means that even those things that appear dire carry the possibility of healing.

Remember, dire situations are just an appearance. God is still present. Healing can still happen. Now that doesn’t mean that the situation isn’t hard, or tragic. It remains painful, but where we see the presence of God, there lies the road to healing.

This is why resilience is so important – it’s resilience that gives us the focus we need so we can catch ourselves reacting, stop the behavior, and make a more conscious choice. And it’s in this choosing that we discover an inner resourcefulness that dwells within us, and this provides the inspiration and guidance we need to become a force for good!

We no longer judge (which limits us) – instead we observe (which opens the way to solutions). Only then can we be a force for positive change.

But this takes practice! Oh good heavens, so much practice.

A new earth has emerged, and the old ways are gone. It’s become imperative that we make choices that honor who we really are; a divine being in a body.

But we can do it! We did choose to come here, after all, to discover our divine nature within this human temple; to see as our Creator sees, and love as our Creator loves.

I love you guys.

To Your Infinite Light.


One Response to Becoming Resilient

  1. Kareena says:

    “We did choose to come here, after all, to discover our divine nature within this human temple; to see as our Creator sees, and love as our Creator loves.”
    I love this line Deanna. I’ve spent far too much of my life convincing myself that some spaceship from wherever it is that’s really my home dropped me off on this nasty old planet with no resources, protection or guidance, just so they could take bets on how long I’d survive. Besides being ridiculous, what this story I’ve created really is, is a massive cop out because it relieves me of any responsibility for my own life and allows me to spend it playing the victim: “Poor me, all alone in a world where I don’t belong, what can I possibly do to help myself when I don’t understand the first thing about what’s going on here in this horrible, harsh world??”
    But when I consciously call a halt to that game and start telling myself that “I” chose to come here and “I” chose the timing and the circumstances I would come here under, it’s amazing how much more empowered and energised I feel, and how I find a way to move forward toward the things I’d like to achieve, even if I DON’T have a clear understanding (or even the first clue!!) of how I will do it when I start.
    I really love your work, you offer a lot of practical, down to earth wisdom that’s easily accessible to like minded souls.
    Best Wishes

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