“What you seek is seeking you.” ~ Rumi

This is one of my favorite quotes because it reminds me of when I’m trying too hard to find that one perfect thing that will make life amazing.

We often think we are seeking something to make our life better:

The perfect partner
Vibrant health
The perfect career

However, this puts us in the position of seeking outside of ourselves, which may temporarily feel amazing, but it’s not sustainable.

What we are truly seeking is the feeling we think those things will bring us; peace, contentment, happiness. Love.

What we are actually seeking is our divine nature. And, the only way we can attain the feelings of peace, contentment, happiness and love is by allowing our divine nature (the thing that is seeking us) to express through us.

And this is where so many people sigh and say “oh forget it!” because it does sound like a massive undertaking. But actually it’s not nearly as hard as seeking happiness through those things outside of us.

It’s just a simple, three step process.

First, think of a particular situation that is vexing you right at this moment. And maybe start with something simple – situations that are really heated may be too difficult when first starting this process.

Recognize that Source energy is all there is.

To recognize that Source energy is all there is to recognize that Source is everywhere present; even in the most horrible of people, situations, and events.

So this can actually be the most difficult step, because when we are having issues, we are usually judging something as wrong; an event that shouldn’t have happened, or a person who did a bad thing. However true it may be, those judgments will still limit how Source energy can work through us, and through those situations.

To recognize that Source energy is all there is is to allow it to work in all situations, no matter how we may judge them. Only when we can understand that Source is fully present, everywhere, can we experience it working through all situations. When we can do this, healing, love, and grace are the outcomes.

So, are you asking questions that can’t be answered, like why did this have to happen? These types of questions cannot be answered in a way that will ever make you feel better, so they limit you, and your experience of Source energy working through that situation. This means you are NOT seeing Source energy as all there is.

To start moving yourself toward this awareness, simply take four deep breaths, and say to yourself: Source energy is everywhere present, even in this situation (you fill in the blank).

Align yourself with that source energy.

You’ve reminded yourself that Source energy is all there is, so now you align with that energy by asking:

How does Source energy seek to work through me right now in this situation (and think about the situation).

You may not get an answer right away, though often it will look like taking some small, loving action, that you can do immediately in that moment.

Take that action.

Whatever information you received in that moment, do it.

By taking loving action, you shift your consciousness, and living in alignment with Divine Source becomes easier and easier.

Your divine nature seeks to work through you at every moment, and this is your greatest purpose – to express your divinity, and carry as much light as possible, while you’re in this body. All you have to do is be willing to open to that awareness.

In Harmony & Light


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