The Summer Solstice, also known as Midsummer, happens every year around June 20, 21, or 22. It’s on this day that the light reaches its peak, and we have the longest day of the year.

Midsummer is the start of the summertime holidays, and typically we shift gears to slow down just a bit from the usual fast pace of work and school. It’s like everyone just takes a breath!

Summer Solstice has actually become one of my favorite holidays, even though I’m not a fan of the heat. This is because I’ve learned to love and appreciate the gifts of summertime, which come in great abundance when we are open to receiving them.

Midsummer brings with it a special type of inspiration: The bright energy of summer brings along with it a desire to express the authentic self in an outward way. This is very different from the introspection of Midwinter, where the seed is in gestation. During the summertime, the doors of consciousness are opening; the bud becomes a bloom.

Create a spiritual routine just for the summertime
With the energetic nature of this newfound inspiration, you’ll need a new way to process it, so you can take action (and summertime is about taking action on your ideas). Create an outdoor alter, and lay out a crystal grid. Or maybe get a fountain, and enjoy more time outside. Sit outside in the early morning hours and chant or drum (if your neighbors can handle it), and then meditate on an oracle card, or do some star gazing before your nightly meditation.

Create community
This outward desire to be seen and heard is best expressed through a loving, and supportive group, or community. “It takes a village….” because as we grow within a community, we experience love and support, and better express the brightest version of ourselves, along with encouraging others to do the same. This, in turn, contributes to the greater good around us. Consider starting a book club, a goddess studies group, or even a an essential oil group, and connect with like souls.

Give to your community
Because summertime is about the outward expression of the brighter self, this expression is supported by giving in a bigger way. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money, but consider organizing a group to do something supportive for the community; make up a bunch of sandwiches and distribute them to the homeless, organize a children’s book drive, and give them to a homeless shelter for families, or organize a towel drive, and give them to your local animal shelter (they always need old towels!).

Feed your soul
The highly creative energy of summertime may at times leave you feeling weak, or worn out, so it’s very important to remember to nurture your soul by doing things you love. Go to the movies, read a book, go for a drive, attend a fun lecture, make a dreamcatcher or a collage, walk a labyrinth, or make some friendship bracelets out of colorful hemp cord.

However you choose to celebrate the season, allow these bright energies to give you the momentum to create and be creative in the life you live.


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