Many spiritually minded people, especially those who fervently study the law of attraction, find themselves very frustrated when their life doesn’t unfold the way they’d hoped it would – especially when they believe they’ve taken all the required steps to manifest something special!

Through my own experiences (ie., failures), I have come to believe that there are many reasons we may not be creating the life we want to create, and here are a few of them.

Your intention wasn’t clear.

Intention is super important, because we are part of a responsive Universe. This means that our thoughts and actions set things into motion. So our intention has to be clearly defined so we can actually take action.

I used to set intentions like: I want to live the life of my dreams, I want my life to be magical, I want to be a good  musician, I want to be part of a close spiritual community.

None of these intentions are actually very clear. In fact, I would bet that your definition of a “life of your dreams” is very different from mine. And what does it mean to have a “magical” life? Does that mean seeing faeries, or having a lot of miracles? One of my friends defines a magical life as time spent in nature.

What about being a “good” musician. Does that mean a good person who plays an instrument? What instrument? What is good? And I did find myself part of a close spiritual community – in fact, they were so close, there was no room for the new girl.

Do you see what I mean?

So try setting an intention that is so clear, that if someone else reads it, they completely understand it.

You are not in congruence with your intention.

You may greatly desire one thing, but then fail to take any action. For example, if someone wants to be a writer, and publish a book, they need to commit to a writing schedule. Binging in front of Netflix will not get the book started.

Once you know what you want, the next step is to be the person that will live that desire. To be a writer, start writing. To be a healer, study healing. To be an athlete, start working out.

You rescind your request.

You may be clear on your intention, but then for whatever reason, think it’s not a good idea. This happens when you want something special, but think your partner, or family won’t support it. So, you may greatly desire to open a bed and breakfast in Oregon, but then your family is against any kind of move. Or you may be thinking of making a huge change, like leaving your job, or even divorcing your partner. What you want in one moment may feel too overwhelming once you realize the work that it will take.

You never really believe you can have it.

I used to play in a band, so I knew a lot of musicians! Many of them were pretty talented, but often carried the belief that they could never make it as a musician, so they decided to pick a safe dream; one they believed they could create – myself included!

If you have a big dream, but then decide it’s too big, it’s like saying “I want such and such, oh never mind,” to the Universe.

You are trying to control too much.

It’s good to be clear in your intention, but then the next step is to let it unfold. Not everyone wants to do this. If you feel that you have to ride in on your white horse and force things to happen, you may be trying to control too many things. Remember, this is a responsive Universe – you don’t have to do all the work, let the Universe work through you.

You don’t give it enough time.

Have you ever planted a garden, and then shouted at the seeds the next morning because they had failed to sprout? Of course not – that would be silly! A garden doesn’t sprout up over night (well, maybe a bean-sprout garden would). However, I have known many people who’ve set their intention, dreamed their big dream, and then given up on it in a few weeks time because it failed to manifest.

Some things take weeks, months, or even years to manifest. Honor that dream by seeing it through.

You worry your intention will limit your good.

This is a really big concern in the spiritual community because there is this idea that the Universe should exceed our expectations. And it’s true, the Universe should exceed our expectations, but we still have to ask for the experience. Again, we are part of a responsive Universe, nothing happens until we move!

I once set the intention to write book reviews so I could meet authors. So I wrote lots of them! And then my expectation was greatly exceeded when a publishing house asked me to write a book on fairies. Though that book has yet to be published, it was an amazing experience; one that far exceeded my expectations!

More recently I set an intention to write more about angels. Suddenly I found myself in a partnership with an amazing artist, and we are creating an angel calendar AND a deck of angel oracle cards together. Again, the Universe exceeded my expectations.

But I had to set an intention first – a clear one!

And so do you.

So set your intention, be clear about it, and then follow any guidance the Universe sends your way. This is how you create, and allow the Universe to make your desire even more amazing than what you imagined.

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