It’s a common mis-perception in the new age community that if you set an intention that is too detailed, you may limit the good that the Universe can give you, and that it’s better to ask to have your expectations exceeded. 

But I disagree. We really need a clear intention!

Why is setting a clearly defined intention so important?

If you asked for “an amazing car,” what would you get? That depends on who is going to get that car for you.

I polled a few people, and these were the answers I got:

A new Camero

A 1927 Hotrod

A new Ford F150

A Subaru Baja

1937 Ford Pick-Up

A Delorean

So, if I were the one picking out your dream car, and it was the me from 1984, you’d be getting a Delorean. Tell me – is that your dream car?

It’s true, you don’t have to know all the details, but you do want to get as detailed as you can.

For example, back in 2005 I wanted a new truck. However, I had no idea which one because I knew nothing about trucks. So, this was my intention (written in present tense, because I believe that it’s more powerful that way):

I have the most amazing truck. It’s the most amazing color, and it’s so comfortable, the kids and I could just drive around in it for hours, and enjoy every moment. We love how high up we are above the rest of the traffic. I LOVE being able to see around all the other cars. I feel so safe driving around in my amazing new truck! I never realized I was such a truck person – but I really am, and so happy and grateful to have my truck. When I’m out shopping, and see my truck in the parking lot, I always think “I have the most amazing car in this entire parking lot!”

Do you see what I did there? Because I really didn’t know anything about what types of trucks were out there, I focused more on my feelings, and I got pretty specific.

My husband and I went out and test drove some trucks, but I didn’t really like anything we tried. A few days later my husband called me to say he’d found us a new truck; it was on sale because the dealership was ready to bring in the next year’s models.

I ended up with a Ford F150, in deep navy blue. It was the most gorgeous color I’d ever seen. AND, at the time, I’d never heard of the F150 (remember, I knew nothing about trucks). That truck ended up being the most amazing vehicle I’ve ever had (to date anyway), and brought me so much happiness! All the feelings I described, well, I experienced them ALL the time when driving my truck.

I got very specific, and STILL the Universe managed to exceed my expectations!

However, if I hadn’t been so specific, we may have actually never even bothered trying to find a truck. My husband had been talking about getting one for a few years, however, I’d never had any interest; I just didn’t care. But, at that point in time I was involved in a law of attraction group, and I decided, for fun, to focus on getting a truck (mostly because I knew I wouldn’t care if I didn’t get it).

From the time I set the intention to the moment we got our truck, it was less than a month.

Set your intention, and get as detailed as possible. If you think that limits the Universe, then that means your idea of the Universe is limited!

Remember, the Universe is responsive; it will react to you! So set an intention, a clearly defined one, and commit to it, and that gives the Universe the opportunity to exceed your expectations!

To Your Infinite Light!


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