When I was a teenager, I started keeping a diary, and in it I’d record what outfit I wore that day, the weather, and what happened with my friends at school. I’d share my feelings about love, school, and family issues, because it often felt like the only place I could safely share my feelings without fear of judgment.

Since then, the practice of journaling has grown in popularity, and is often used as a tool to track feelings and thoughts around certain issues, because it is a way to share your deepest feelings without fear of judgment. Its therapeutic benefits include discovering and releasing emotions, and beliefs that no longer serve you, as well as insights into certain behavior patterns and reactions to certain situations.

You can also use a journal to keep track your spiritual growth and development. You can choose to incorporate your spiritual insights and impressions into your daily personal journal, or you may choose to keep a separate journal so it’s easier to go back and track your progress.

Record anything that feels significant to your spiritual development, including;

– Things you are grateful for that happened during the day
– Your daily personal numerology, and the vibrational meaning
– Mystical experiences
– Transformative events
– Inspirations
– Moon phases and how they affect you
– Astrological cycles
– Seasonal cycles and impressions
– Personal cycles and impressions
– Favorite quotes
– Thoughts or impressions from a book you are currently reading
– Thoughts/impressions from a movie that impacted you in some way
– Synchronicities, or signs
– Intuitive insights and impressions
– Visions
– Experiences during a healing session, or meditation
– Thoughts on a psychic reading
– Dreams, and your thoughts and feelings about them
– Past life impressions
– What you love about yourself
– Where you feel challenged
– Questions you’d ask the Universe
– Questions you’d ask your future self
– Questions you’d ask a mystical figure from the past
– Favorite affirmations

The thoughts and insights that can go into your spiritual journal are infinite. You may even find photographs, or other images that you want to put in there, or create a spiritual scrapbook, or collage of sorts. Every now and then when I go through some of my old spiritual journals, I’ll even find feathers, or meaningful notes that someone else had written me.

I have saved my old journals, and from time to time I’ll go back and read them, especially when I’m feeling really stuck, or disheartened. They are beautiful reminders about how magical life really is!


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