In the early 1990s I started my training as a Holistic Health Practitioner. It seemed like such an exciting field to be working in, and everywhere I went, practically, I could talk to people about one method of healing, or another, and gather an audience.

Mostly I did massage, followed closely by energy healing, and on occasion, I got to do hypnosis sessions, or flower essence consultations. I was having a blast.

Or was I?

I did love having my clients, because they were all such amazing people, and I loved how people thought that what I did was so cool.

What I discovered was that I loved being loved.

There’s nothing wrong with being loved, however, in my case, it was that feeling of being loved that caused me to love what I did. And, when I wasn’t being loved for it, I didn’t enjoy myself nearly as much.

I’d gotten into a line of work where I loved the idea of it (the fantasy in my head) yet the reality of it was that it was simply not a good fit for me.

That doesn’t mean I wasn’t good at it. But it did mean I wasn’t able to utilize my own divine gifts to their maximum potential because I was trying to express myself like the many healers around me who I greatly admired, rather than authentically expressing my own divine nature.

So why does this happen?

We may see someone who is very successful, and they seem very happy, so we think that if we do what they do, the way that they do it, we should be happy too. And though that makes sense, it can be a formula for failure.

After many years of being a healer, one day someone asked me if I’d teach a class on energy healing. So I did. And I had the most amazing time doing it!

In that moment (or shortly thereafter) I discovered that teaching felt so right because it’s in my divine nature to be a teacher – to share my knowledge, experiences, and interact with a group of people.

That’s way different than being a healer, which is to hold a sacred space, one on one, with another person.

The energies of those two modalities are totally different.

When I started teaching more, I started gathering more people interested in learning what I had to share. And the more I taught, the more I wanted to teach!

I ask you to look at what you’re doing in your own life – and it doesn’t just have to be related to your career (though with your current career, it will definitely be a matter of how you express yourself in what you do).

Are you doing something just because you found it interesting?

Just because something seems interesting to us is not really a very good reason to do it ourselves. I think being a horse whisperer sounds absolutely fascinating, yet I know it’s not for me. There will be many, many things throughout our life that we’ll find fascinating; we want to pick and choose which ones we invest our time in.

Are you doing something because someone else was doing it, and they seemed super cool and interesting?

This can be a definite draw to us because we want to succeed at what we do too. In actuality, there’s only a very slim chance that what they do will be a good fit for us  too.

Are you doing something because someone else said you’d be amazing at it, and it felt good to get their admiration?

This can sometimes happen because people actually have no idea what they want to do. They want to be good at what they do, and they want to come across as interesting to other people, so they may figure why not give it a shot.

Are you doing something that many years ago brought you deep satisfaction, but now it’s no longer fulfilling?

When I first got into Holistic Healing I actually did have a blast. I loved learning, and I loved the experiences I gained as a result. I can definitely say that my time as a healer was well spent because it helped me to gain a deep understanding of the human energy system, and that now serves me as a teacher.

But I did have to realize when it was time for a change. That can be hard because we may discover that our identity is wrapped up in what we do rather than being an authentic expression of our divine nature.

What are you doing now?

Take a moment and think about what you do, and how you do it. Close your eyes and ask yourself these questions:

Is this an authentic expression of my divine nature? 

Is this who I am, or who others want me to be?

Do I do this so I will receive love?

Do I do this because I love it?

As a divine being in a body, I know you know the answer to these questions, though you may not (at first) like the answer you get. But as you discover these deeper truths, remember, you already have what it takes to do whatever it is you want to do. And in that awareness you gain a great power; the power of bright beginnings.

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3 Responses to Do you love what you do, or just the idea of it?

  1. KristiHugs says:

    Great article! I have found that I love the intention of what I do at BeautifulSoulBlessings, it is what I am supposed to do, of that I am sure. What frustrates and depresses me is that I cannot seem to “rally the troops” for my causes. It seems so easy for others and for me? it seems like a daily challenge. Maybe it is that loved to be loved thing…..:) So while my intention is sound, my ability to make it happen on a large scale is not. I guess maybe this is my personal cause and not so much a group thing, so I should continue to give quietly, anonymously, with love 🙂

  2. Deanna says:

    Kristi, I understand the pressure of keeping the troops rallied lol, and unfortunately, that’s a whole other gift in itself.

    But doing what you can with what you have right now is a very wise decision Kristi. I think many people give up too soon because things don’t fall into place right off the bat.

    Lots of love to you!

  3. kristi says:

    <3 you my friend <3 thank you!

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