I first heard the term Lightworker back in the 1990s when I started my training in holistic healing. I was taking a class on energy healing and mind body medicine, when I heard some of the other students using this term. I was fascinated with it because it seemed to describe someone who loved working with light and energy, and was deeply metaphysical.

When people think of a lightworker, they usually think of someone who is very metaphysical, and likely involved in holistic healing. But lightworkers come from all walks of life. What sets them apart is not what they do, but how they do it.

Lightworkers tend to approach everything as if Divinity is already present in whatever it is they do. They see magic in the most ordinary of situations, and express their Divinity through all they do. So whether they are a Reiki practitioner, or a landscape artist, it just feels good to be around them.

But here are a few signs and behaviors that lightworkers like to express. So, you may just be a lightworker if you do any of the following:

Feel called to heal others
Lightworkers feel called to heal others, but not just for the sake of healing. On an unconscious level, they believe that as they help others to heal, it will unlock something that is required for their own personal healing.

More than a passing interest in the occult, or supernatural
Lightworkers are fascinated by the supernatural, and usually spend time studying the paranormal. They just feel, on a deep level, that magic, somehow, is real.

Strange experiences
Most lightworkers experienced precognitive dreams, had visions, an angelic experience, connected with a past life, or had some sort of psychic or extrasensory experience. Or, if they haven’t had those experiences, they strongly believe it should be possible, and are deeply disappointed that they don’t have them.

Energy healing
Most lightworkers are naturals when it comes to energy healing, and are fascinated with auras, chakras, and the human energy field.

Ancient civilizations and mystical places
Most lightworkers have some fascination with, or connection to, an ancient, or lost, civilization, or mystical places. Atlantis, Lemuria, the Maya, Aztecs, Incas, or Toltecs, and of course ancient Egypt, may be more interesting to a lightworker than their own life. And they may repeatedly visit sacred, or mystical places, like Stonehenge, Sedona, or the pyramids, because of the attractive vibration.

Tools of the trade
Lightworkers are fascinated with energetic tools; essential oils, vibrational essences, crystals, pendulums, and even oracles cards, help to provide lightworkers with insight into their inner world. Even when they don’t quite understand what they are working with, they are drawn to work with and learn more about these energetic tools.

Sensitive to energy (or not)
Some lightworkers are sensitive to energy, this is because it feels very new to them. However, there are many lightworkers who feel they are not at all sensitive to energy. This is because they have actually been very connected to energy since they were young, so it just feels normal to them.

Lightworkers are often labeled as people who only focus on sweetness and light, but they can actually have a keen understanding of the darkness that so many people have to face and work through on a daily basis. This is because the most powerful Lightworkers are those who have grown through either the Wounded Healer, or Wounded Child archetype, and they honor the painful forces that sometimes shape us rather than deny them.

Lightworkers see the magic in the world, and don’t always fit in with the crowd. And even though they may not be embraced for their unique point of view, (and may even be considered weird), they still choose to see the Universe as an interactive experience. Because being a lightworker is not about becoming something you are not. It’s about expressing your already Divine nature while living in a body.

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