Where I live in Southern California there is a fairly large population of psychics who take advantage of people in distress by telling them the reason for their problems is a curse that was placed upon them. They may go on to explain that their life was supposed to be beautiful and abundant, and, if they get the curse removed, they can still have that amazing life!

And it will only cost $500 for a curse removing session. And, you may need five or six of those. And, then you may need to start over if you get another curse (which always seems to be the case).

I have so many clients who have gone through this, and come to me out of desperation to make the cycle end.

Because yes, curses are real.

But they may not be what you think.

Imagine a young woman who falls in love with a man her family doesn’t approve of, so they run off and get married. Her mother, while feeling very hurt, and betrayed by her daughter, may feel an anger so intense, that as she wishes for the marriage to fall apart, an energy form is created that goes straight to her daughter!

A few years later, when the marriage does indeed fall apart, even if this woman’s mother has come to her senses and realizes her daughter must live her own life, that negative angry energy (now a curse) is still lodged in her daughter’s energy field.

This energy, which may feel like betrayal, will now affect the daughter’s future decisions simply because she doesn’t know she’s carrying it around.

Imagine that the energy of this curse follows her into her next life – she may constantly worry about betraying her family, and make all her decisions based on that feeling. She may never be able to form romantic relationships for fear of betraying her family.

This was actually a curse carried by one of my clients.

A curse is created when someone feels something with great anger and intensity. Though they may not even mean to do it intentionally (like “I curse the day I met you”), because of the energetic power behind that particular event, the curse is created.

The negative energy effects of a curse can affect us lifetime after lifetime, simply because we have no awareness of having the curse. It’s like having a splinter so deep that you can’t see it; you feel the pain without understanding why.

If you think you may have some sort of negative thought form, or curse, affecting you, try asking your angels and guides to remove it for you. It’s more effective if you can pinpoint a specific problem, i.e. financial issues, or relationship issues. Then ask for the angels to remove any negative energies affecting that specific area of your life. Afterward, and most importantly, start paying attention to your choices around these issues, and make better choices than you did in your past.

Taking these new actions will shift your energy!

A friend of mine pointed out that one of her clients insisted she had a curse when she didn’t. Sometimes what we may think is a curse is really just a series of bad choices, and the best thing we can do is to take responsibility for our actions from that point forward and make choices that honor our divine nature.

There are many good psychics out there, and many of them can likely spot a curse, or other negative energy that may be affecting you. But a good psychic will never tell you the ONLY way to remove a course is to go through a series of expensive treatments with them. If you hear this, RUN the other way!

Also, something as simple as committing to a daily meditation practice can help you start to clear any negative energies that may be weighing heavily on you.

You can also get an Akashic Record reading with me, and I can pinpoint specific energy misalignments you may be experiencing!

Blessings of Well-Being,

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