“Life Loves Activity.” ~ Florence Scovel Shinn

I remember when I used to think that the feeling of Inspiration was something I had to wait patiently for. I’d commit an entire day to writing, or planning a class, or working on a talk, and then wait to be inspired. Sometimes I’d wait in front of Spider Solitaire, or maybe Netflix. But nothing would happen – not one bright idea, or bit of inspirational guidance. In fact, I’d usually just feel worse, and need another distraction while I continued to wait.

Then I read Florence Scovel Shinn’s book, The Game of Life and How to Play It. It was such an amazing, and wonderful book, and it truly opened my eyes to the one thing we all need to keep in mind if we ever find ourselves waiting for the Universe to jump into action!

And that one thing is this….

The Universe, or Life, responds to us. It waits for our action, so it can respond to our action appropriately. Life becomes more interactive as we become more active!

Life loves activity so much, that with each action you take, your Soul will send you the next piece of divine guidance that you need to keep moving forward. You see, the Universe wants to keep you moving forward, because that means more interaction. More interaction means that you carry more Light, and have more opportunities for you to experience yourself as an Infinite Being in a body, and create Heaven on Earth.

I learned that rather than waiting for inspiration to come to me, it rushes to meet me when I take that first step; whenever, or wherever, I know I am a divine channel, and that channel is always open. That means the opportunity for inspiration is always there.

You are also a divine channel! Instead of waiting for the Universe to tell you what to do, take that first step, and it will rush to meet you right where you are.

With Great Love, Deanna


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