Making the commitment to heal, grow, and follow a spiritual path can be one of the most invigorating moments in our lives; suddenly we are ready for change! We no longer are willing to accept anything that does not move us toward the brightest version of ourselves.

So we read the books, do the meditations, clear our energy, and feel the love. And then… we face our life; our family, co-workers, and the neighbors with their barking dogs. If we feel overwhelmed by negativity and lack of support, suddenly, following that path seems so much harder.

But one of the secrets to expressing our brightest self is to make it all about us. When we focus on raising our own vibrations, clearing our energy blocks, and healing our hurts and worries, we empower ourselves so it doesn’t matter what the outside world is doing.

As we work to express the brightest version of ourselves, we change the vibration of those around us. This is because we are consciously expanding our awareness. We are in charge of our energy flow.

Most people are NOT in charge of their energy flow. Most people are NOT consciously focusing on expanding their awareness. So this means they are caught up in whatever energy is flowing around them.

When we radiate love and positivity, and consciously choose to see the spark of light within every person, they are more likely to get caught up in our energy. When we treat every person as a being of love, no matter their behavior, it’s going to get harder and harder for them to maintain their own negative energy.

So the best thing we can do for the world is to love ourselves, and focus on maintaining alignment with our Source. When we express the brightest version of ourselves, we see the best and brightest in the world around us.

And please note (I always have to make this clear) that loving someone, and seeing the light in them does not mean you have to tolerate bad behavior – it means it’s time to set some boundaries!


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