“We achieve happiness by doing the work of our Souls.” ~ Bill Plotkin

Have you ever asked yourself how you would do the work of your Soul?

Well I have, many times! And when one answer didn’t seem to work, I’d get a new one, because I had yet to understand how the Universe was really working in my life. Here I share a couple of misconceptions that are common in many spiritual communities that may actually block you from doing the work of your Soul.

The Universe will do all the work!

At first I thought the Universe would take care of all the details; that it would literally drop something into my lap. It was just my job to follow my passion, which at the time was singing, and playing bass, in my rock band. I seriously believed that someone would discover us, even though we didn’t go out and play a lot, and even though we hardly ever handed out a demo of our music, if this was what was meant to be, the Universe would make everything happen – like have a famous music producer’s car break down in front of my home in Redlands while my band happened to be practicing.

Yup. I actually thought that could happen.

The Universe will give me a job, and make me super successful.

So when the whole band thing didn’t work out, I believed that to do the work of my Soul (or live my Soul’s purpose) meant that I had to discover the  specific purpose – my job to do – while I am on this planet, and once I did, life would become effortless (because the Universe rewards us when we do ‘our job’). This lead to a series of investigations into what my ‘job’ must be. But I’d find something I thought I’d really LOVE to do, and then try it, but then it wouldn’t work out. So, I thought I was doing the wrong thing, because if I were doing the ‘right’ thing, the Universe would have rewarded me with success, right?

The Universe will tell me what to do!

So the Universe didn’t drop my dream career in my lap, and it didn’t reward my efforts when I tried to please ‘It,’ so now I guess I just had to wait for It to tell me what It wanted me to do.

Which only lead to more waiting…

After a while, with no clear instructions from the Universe, I couldn’t help but feel my intuition was just totally off.

There were no words to express my disappointment (well, there were, but this is a family friendly website), so I went into a dark night of the soul. In the midst of my existential crisis I discovered something….

The Universe isn’t going to do all the work.
The Universe won’t reward us if we do a specific job.
The Universe is not going to tell us what to do.

The reason I believed this was because I didn’t have a clear understanding of what it meant to live my Soul’s Purpose.

You see, our Soul’s Purpose is not about what we do – it’s about how we do whatever we do.

If our Soul’s Purpose could only be expressed through doing a certain thing, well, this would really limit our opportunity to express our purpose, wouldn’t it!

We all have the same purpose – and that’s to experience our divinity while we’re in a body! And we can do this no matter what by making choices that honor ourselves as a divine creative force.

Once me make that choice, dormant forces are activated within us, and the Universe comes rushing to meet us!

So, the Universe isn’t going to do all the work, but it will respond to every action we take, making it easier to manifest what we truly want.

The Universe won’t reward us if we do a specific job, but it will work through us as a creative force no matter what we do – whatever job that may be.

And the Universe is not going to tell us what to do, however if we ask for guidance, it will respond. And as we act on that guidance, and ask for more, it will give more.

Doing the work of your Soul is really no more than remembering that you are an Infinite Being in a body, here to experience your divine nature. With that awareness you can then make any choice to do anything that honors you as the creative force that you.


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  1. Kristi says:

    I love this! Very insightful and speaks to me so clearly at just the right time. Thank you friend for your wisdom and clarity.

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