The Seven Secrets of Manifestation are based on the esoteric knowledge found in the Seven Universal Laws; laws which are in place, not to limit you, but to expand your awareness of consciousness so you may experience yourself at a Soul level. When you understand these laws you can consciously co-create a life of true abundance and joy.

Your success in working with the Seven Secrets of Manifestation is directly connected to your belief about yourself, and where you come from. Believing you are an infinite being in a body is what activates your ability to be a conscious co-creator. Belief in limitation and separation will keep you at the level of unconscious co-creation, which limits your experience of true abundance.

1. Remember that Source Energy (God, the Universe) is everywhere present; it’s the seen and the unseen – that which is created and yet to be created. It’s the realm of possibilities, probabilities, and the physical world. It’s what you dream of creating, and what you’ve created. Even in situations where life feels difficult, that can be shifted because Source Energy is present even in the difficulties. And remember, you are part of that everywhere present force; you are Source Energy manifest in a physical body. You are not separate from Spirit, you are an extension of It.

2. Possibilities become probabilities as you listen to Divine Guidance, and then act on it. Your physical actions manifest what you are dreaming about creating. However, dreaming is not enough – you have to take physical action too.

3. What you think about, you bring about. This is because your thoughts are connected to your emotions. Emotions carry a vibration, and a like vibration will be drawn to you. If you are feeling bad, pay attention to those feelings because you are drawing a matching vibration into your experience. Instead, consciously focus on appreciation and gratitude, so that a more loving and joyful experience is drawn to you.

4. Change your thoughts, and you change yourself. Think about the person you want to be. How are they different from you right now? Are they more social? Adventurous? Healthier? That person simply carries a different vibrational rate. You are still that person, you are just at a different polarity. Change your thoughts, which change your actions, and you shift your polarity. This shift will cause you to take a new action, which will lead to a new outcome.

5. Co-Creation is the process of giving and receiving. You cannot only give, give, give, without depleting yourself. And you cannot take, take, take, without experiencing limitation. Giving and receiving keep you in a natural flow of creating abundance.

6. Your power to create is in the choices that you make. Remember you are making choices both consciously and un-consciously. But even an unconscious choice is still a choice. You take responsibility for your choices by realizing that no matter what has already transpired, you can make a new choice right now, and act on guidance from your Soul. Even when you experience negativity because of someone else’s choice, you still have the power, right now, to choose your next action. You always have a choice.

7. The energy coming in always matches the energy going out. The more energy and effort you put into your dream, the greater your experience of it. The abundance in your life is directly related to your willingness to take physical action. You cannot create a big dream with a little action. The bigger your dream, the more action you have to take.

Whatever it is you want to manifest in your life, remember it already exists in the realm of Source Energy. Let your actions be guided by your intuition, and you’ll bring your dreams from the unseen into physical manifestation. Pay attention to your feelings, and make conscious choices to maintain a good attitude, and enthusiasm about what you are creating in your life.

You, as a Soul, only desire to create Heaven on Earth, so you can experience your divine nature. However, just because the Soul desires something, doesn’t mean it will become manifest. It’s simply one component of the creation process – that’s why it’s called co-creation. The Soul needs the physical mind and body to be the channel so the unseen can become manifest in your life.

Allow the Seven Secrets of Manifestation to serve as a reminder of how your divinity works through your humanity, supporting your role as a conscious co-creator.


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