I’ve recently seen an influx of channeled writings that speak about the incredible cosmic energies that are taking place all through-out the month of September. These energies are supposed to alter our DNA, bring about more enlightenment, and cause a pretty massive cosmic shift that helps raise the frequency of our consciousness.

Where I can’t speak to the validity of these statements, I can say that this month is definitely pouring out quite a cosmic cocktail, and like any good cocktail, it can either give us the calm center in the storm, just when we need it, enhance joy and good cheer, or leave us heaving in a public restroom, with a friend holding our hair.

We started off the month with the waning energy of the August 29th full moon, which support the releasing of energies that no longer serve us.

We move into September, which vibrationally is a “nine” month, or a time to put what we’ve learned to good use.

This month is about remembering we are divine beings in a body, and acting that way!! This does not mean acting like a guru or ascended master or complaining about how non spiritual people can be – it means living life, and creating with love and compassion. It means enjoying these bodies while remembering the truth of our divinity.

September 12th – New Moon and Solar Eclipse:
With the new moon in Virgo comes a solar eclipse. This is a great time to dream, plan, and then take solid action on any new things you’d like to manifest, or create in your life, utilizing the tools and talents you already have. The eclipse energies will shake away the things that hold you back, but if you hang on to that old baggage (the blame, judgment, fear), it’s going to be rough ride.

September 17th – Mercury Retrograde:
You know what that means, right? Time to put the three Rs into action:
Reflect – look at your inner life.
Rethink – what could you do differently?
Redo – Change something that’s ready to change. And, things are always ready to change!

September 23rd – Autumn Equinox:
Equinox energies are always transformative. During the Autumn Equinox, those energies are about releasing what no long works, and tapping into the great well of wisdom and insight that resides within you. This is a time of inner reflection and clearing to make way for the winter months.

September 27th – Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse:
The full moon in Aries on September 27 comes with a lunar eclipse. This lunar eclipse will bring some divine downloads; that you are an infinite being in a body. This moon is about releasing your inner awesomeness. You only receive your highest good when you allow it, and you allow it by stepping forth into that creative being you came here to be. You do not belong on the sidelines. You are the hero of your own life, but you have to claim it. No one is going to hand it to you, because face it, there are a lot of people in your life who are far more comfortable with you staying the same. You 4.0 is too scary for them to consider, so they support you staying the same and not rocking the boat. It’s in your hands and heart, and it’s all there for you right now. Claim it!

As a spiritual being having a human experience, remember you are already spiritual! You, on another dimensional level, are already enlightened. Your Soul chose to come here to be a creator through a body, and carry as much light as possible while in a body. Honor that choice, take action, and create. Remember, Life loves activity, and Life LOVES when you let it work through you in a big way.

(c) Deanna Leigh Joseph


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