“The world is changed by examples, not by opinions.” – Paulo Coelho

I definitely have my own opinion about lots of things, and often I even think I’m right. Sometimes I’ll share my opinions with others in hopes they will change their minds and agree to agree with me.

But after years spent going from one soap box to another, I’ve learned something about sharing opinions that has changed the way I express myself.

Embracing our divine nature will affect others far more than sharing our opinion will.

The only time we are ever truly authentic is when we embrace our divine nature. And it’s from our divine nature that we create the greatest amount of change because this energy is expressed from our heart. Loving, compassionate energy invites connection.

When we push our opinions on others because we believe we are right, and they are wrong, we are coming from a place of separation and limitation. Needing to make another person wrong will always put vibrational distance between us, and will actually lower our own vibrational frequency (which makes us more prone to lack thinking). And more vibrational distance means less and less connection.

When we embrace, and express our divine nature, our life looks different. All those things we believe wholeheartedly are reflected in the way we live our lives.

We’ll always have our own opinions, and sometimes we may get to share those opinions with a willing listener. But opinions are temporary, and changeable, and don’t make the world a brighter, more loving place. Only when we express our divine nature, and help others to align with their own light and divinity, does the world become brighter, and more loving.


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