I won’t say I’m always open to the Universe, because I’m not. Sometimes I forget and freak-out a little. Sometimes I think I’m open, but doubt what I’m being guided to do.

If we ever feel doubtful, or worried, or anything else that isn’t happiness, it’s going to feel bad. And it feels bad for a reason – that feeling – that place we are coming from – is not worthy of the Light we carry. And it’s a sign that we are out of alignment with our Divine Nature, and to feel better, we have to move back into that awareness!

However, sometimes when we feel bad it’s extraordinarily difficult to just say “okay, I’ll feel better now!” That’s why I have a couple of different things I’ll do that help me to get back into the flow of the Universe.

YES YES YES. Yup. Lots of YESes. I’ll say them over and over and over again. Try it!!!

And here’s my “Get Me OUTTA this Mess” Affirmation (say it loud, say it proud):

Infinite Spirit, open the way, for me to be open and receptive to receiving True Abundance.

I now align myself with my highest and brightest good.
I gratefully receive whatever is mine by Divine Design.
I now express the brightest version of my SELF.
This, or something better. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Then I will do something different. If I was trying to write an article, I’ll get up, walk around a bit, clear off a different space, and move my computer and sit somewhere else. If I’d been sitting on my couch, flipping channels and feeling sorry for myself, I’ll go out to my patio, turn on my fountain, and read. Or something. Anything. Right?

All we have to do is ask Spirit to “Open the Way.” We don’t have to have the answers! We just have to be receptive to them, and they will come, and then we do something different so we shift that stagnant energy so we give that answer space to appear. XOXOXO Deanna


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