“I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.” ~ Philippians 4:13

When we “do all things through Christ,” we are simply aligning ourselves with Source energy so that we are working in the field of pure potential, and opening ourselves to allow unlimited possibilities to work in our life.

We are, after all, created in the image and likeness of God; this makes us unlimited beings in a body!

Yet often we act as if we have every limitation possible; I’ll never have the job I want, I’ll never have a loving partner, I can’t lose this weight, it’s not possible for me to get into good physical shape, I’ll never have good health, I’ll never own my dream home… car… whatever.

I can’t! No way! What’s possible for others is impossible for me.

Joseph Campbell once spoke on the importance of mythology as a means for overcoming the limitations we carry within us.

I recently saw this acronym of M.Y.T.H., Make Yourself the Hero, by the artist, Russell McDougal.

We are the hero of our own tale, but we have to put ourselves in that role. We can’t sit idly by and watch life happen, and then feel like a victim because we haven’t accomplished anything. The hero takes responsibility and doesn’t expect anyone else to bring them the crown of gold.

One of my very favorite Celtic folktales tells the story of the birth of an Irish deity named Lugh. As he grows, he yearns for knowledge, and masters one skill after another, to the point of exhausting his family. As he grows into a strong young man, he becomes known as Lugh of Many Skills.

He decides to travel to the court of the High King, in Tara. However, upon arriving, the gatekeeper informs Lugh that no one may enter the court unless they have a useful skill.

Lugh tells him he is a warrior.

The gatekeeper responds, “The kingdom already has such a man as this, and needs no other.”

Lugh tells him he is a blacksmith.

The gatekeeper responds, “The kingdom already has such a man as this, and needs no other.”

Lugh tells the gatekeeper that he is a builder, harper, poet, weaver, swordsman, artisan, farmer….

And the gatekeeper responds to each one “The kingdom already has such men as this, and needs no other.”

Finally Lugh says “Does the kingdom have a man who can do ALL of these things?”

The gatekeeper must admit that the king does not have one man who would possess all those skills, and Lugh was granted entry.

Later in the tale, Lugh even becomes the High King; he gets the crown of gold because of his commitment and passion.

And so it is when we recognize the unlimited potential inside of us, and then act to create from that space. There is no end to divine nature, nor an end to the possibility of our being able to express it. When we are passionate, and in alignment with our Source, we can accomplish anything we set our mind to.



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