“Whatever side of the fence you’re on, however and whatever informs you, we are all journeying together in the land between No Longer and Not Yet.” ~ Joan Borysenko

I remember being a teenager, and listening to my step-dad talk about how in the good ol’ days you could buy a home for $3,000, and for just pennies you could eat steak the size of your head every night for dinner. According to my step-dad, those were the best of times, and the world as he saw it in that moment would never measure up.

Now as an adult, and parent myself, I realize I tend to like what I’m used to, and for things not to change (too much), so life stays the same. Only it never does, and then I’ll go off daydreaming about good times gone by, when life felt easier, and softer.

Right now, this is where most of us find ourselves; in between a world that is no longer (but we wish it was) and a world that is still yet to be. It’s a chaotic space to be, and uncharted territory.

Many spiritual seekers find themselves at a loss as to what to do now, in these times that are so different from what we’ve ever experienced before. Someone asked me recently what she should do, because she was scared, and felt like she was focusing on the negative.

So I’m sharing with you the things I do that help me feel better, and more productive.

Take a deep breath
This is the starting point. Breathing deeply helps to reset your system, and calm anxiety. When you are fearful or anxious, you cannot make a choice based on love or peace, or the greater good.

Choose Peace
Choosing peace does not mean being passive, or taking no action whatsoever. Peace actually helps us to take actions that lead to solutions vs. adding to the problem (which the fear mindset does). From a space of peace you can make better decisions.

Stay informed
There are the best examples and the worst examples in every philosophy of life; politics, religion, even parenting and dieting! Simply make an informed decision from where you are, that makes you feel better. I try to stay clear of “us vs. them” rhetoric, because it builds on fear.

Remember the “us vs. them” mindset is based on fear
When people are afraid, they need connection with other people. They will be drawn to those who share the same fears, because it creates a sense of connection. It also helps them to feel “right” about their belief, because someone else shares it. But in this mindset it’s very difficult to be open to other points of view, and it creates division rather than unity.

Remember your Divinity
When you can remember that you are an infinite being in a body, it’s much easier to remember that Source energy is everywhere present, all the time. That means your next bit of divine guidance can come from anywhere – everything is a potential channel for divine direction. And you remain open to receiving direction when you are peaceful, and remember your divinity. Fear shuts down that flow of intuition.

Do what you can from where you are now
How can you make a difference right now? Who needs some love? Help? Food? Take some sort of action. Condemning and criticizing certain political or religious beliefs across social media is not likely to actually help anyone because it’s not informative, it’s judgy! And honestly, it’s a bit lazy. It’s something people do when they say they want to create change, but don’t really want to take the effort.

Try asking someone out for coffee, or sharing some homemade banana nut bread, or organize a collection for a shelter, or some other small gesture (that takes effort) and will actually make a difference.

My son recently commented that it’s the birth of a new world, and he’s excited to be a participant and co-creator in the days to come, as are many of his friends. And I’m very excited to have the next generation, a generation filled with Indigo kids by the way, step in and carry the torch.

We are in the storm before the calm; our world is shaking off what doesn’t work, and that has to be exasperated so we can clearly see what’s not working so we can let it go. We are being given a great opportunity right now to raise our consciousness from one of blame and fear to one that embodies the creative fire that works for us by working through us AS us. We are being given a chance to show kindness to others. After all, we are all on a journey we’ve never taken before, and that can be scary.

We don’t have to have all the answers. Simply remembering we are a soul in a body will allow us to bring forth the grandest version of our Self – a Self that can make a difference from right here and right now.


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