“Man is a spiritual being, but he must be plugged in.” ~ Eric Butterworth

Christ recognized that every person carries the Christ Consciousness; that’s why he believed that all the things that he could do, we would do, and more. However, he also recognized that as spiritual beings having this human experience, we have a tendency to unplug.

Though we can never be truly separate from our Source, we can have the experience of being “unplugged” simply because of our beliefs. And any belief that grows from the seed of fear will cause us to unplug from the love and light that constantly seek to flow through us.

Luckily, there is a way to get ourselves back on track, and even if we have to “fake it till we make it,” by paying attention to where we come from fear instead of love, we can again plug in and allow the unlimited flow of the Universe to work through us.

Seeing others as bad

Ultimately, the need to see ourselves as “good,” and something outside of ourselves as “bad,” comes from the belief that God does not work through all things, and this causes separation. When we see with eyes of love, we see the divinity within every person and situation.

Now this doesn’t mean we have to tolerate bad behavior. We can still see God within others, while recognizing that their behavior comes from their misunderstanding that God does not work through them. If it’s necessary to distance ourselves from someone who continues to behave in a way that does not support us, it’s our right to do so, and this can be done with love and forgiveness.

Thinking our path is the best path

There are times when we feel pretty enthusiastic about how we live our lives, and we may find ourselves trying to talk everyone we know into traveling into our adventures with us; whether it’s gluten free living, giving up television, or walking a spiritual path, we think our way is the best way because it’s working so well for us.

If we believe our way is the only right way, we are then making the assumption that everyone else is wrong. When we see ourselves as “right, and others as “wrong,” we are essentially saying that we don’t believe God is working through them and guiding them to make choices for their highest good. When we don’t trust how God works through others, we really don’t believe God is working through us.

Even when someone makes choices that we don’t understand, we can still trust that they will find the best way to express their light – even if that means overcoming their own challenges without our helpful input.

Not doing our best

There is a presence within us that only identifies with Light. That presence is what inspires us to make choices for our highest and best good. When we take shortcuts, or decide not to do a great job on something simply because we believe no one will ever know, we are cutting ourselves off from the inspiration that guides us to be the brightest version of ourselves.

When we show up full force in our life, we increase the flow of love that works through us, and manifests for us on a daily basis.


Complaining is an addiction, and is simply an excuse to use a situation as the reason for being stuck. When we are stuck, we are limiting that divine force that put the galaxies into their spin, and how it works in our life.

You are an unlimited being in a body, and complaining keeps you small. Focus, instead, on the things you do want to come into your life, and what life would look like at its best and brightest.

Not asking for help

Jesus said that if we asked anything in his name, we would receive it. Then he followed up with “so far, you have not asked.” (John 16:24)

It may be as simple as forgetting to ask for help, or it may be that you feel you don’t deserve it. But you were created a perfect expression of God, deserving of love and support simply because you exist. If you don’t believe you can ask for help, in a way, that’s arrogance, believing that you know yourself better than God does.

Everyday remember to ask! Believe that you deserve the divine guidance that comes to you. Ask, and you will receive. If you want to attract love, prosperity, peace, understanding, good health, or ALL of these, just ask!

It can be exhausting fighting off the forces of darkness, and seeing a world that works against us all the time. But as we allow our light to shine, we change our perspective, and our experience of the world we live in. Then we can show up as the brightest version of ourselves, and this inspires others to join us.


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