Being grateful helps to engage the energy of giving and receiving. Being grateful also helps to lift depression and ease heartache.

However, there may be times when we find ourselves in a situation where it’s difficult for us to find something to be grateful for.

When this happens, we still have a lifetime of receiving to tap into, even if we have to go back in time ten years or more!

I found that as I did my own back in time gratitude journey, I found many peaceful moments to be grateful for, that at the time I took for granted!

For example, late one winter night when I was 16 years old, a friend called me and told me to walk outside. I walked outside, and was overcome by the beauty that surrounded me. It had been snowing for days, but on this night the sky was clear with a full moon. The moon shone upon the snow, creating an unearthly glowing light. To this day, I have never seen a moonlit night to match the magic of that one night all those years ago!

I remembered the freedom of being 15 years old and riding on the back of my Dad’s Harley Davidson motorcycle (with no helmet!). As we drove along the winding mountain road home, my senses were filled with the smell of the pine trees and the hum of the motorcycle; my mind was completely clear as I just gave myself over to the ride. I gave thanks as I remembered the freedom and peacefulness of the ride, but also that we arrived safe and sound at our destination.

I also remembered being in my early 20s, and how special Sunday nights were with my husband. He’d fix an extra fun dinner (like cheesy potatoes), and we’d watch Star Trek the Next Generation (still one of my favorite shows).

Everyone has these moments to tap into. Take a few moments and tap into the memory of something that happened years ago; something that filled you with peace and joy. Express gratitude for that moment, and ask for the feeling of appreciation to grow and expand within you.

Finding gratitude in difficult times helps to open the way for a smoother, more peaceful journey. Even when we are being grateful for something that happened a very long time ago!

We have been receiving gifts from the Universe our entire life. Goodness has always been there, even through the difficult times. When we can go back in time, and find gratitude for our past, we engage the energy of gratitude and set the flow of giving and receiving back in motion.


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