This is one of the most common questions I get when doing a reading for someone.

Will I ever find love?

That, or one of its many variations:

Is “so and so” my soul mate/twin flame?
Should I go out with “so and so?”
Does “so and so” feel a spiritual connection with me?
Should I divorce my spouse to be with “so and so?”
Should I have an affair with “so and so?”
Is “so and so” thinking about me?

Everyone desires love; to love and be loved. But when we ask questions out of curiosity, we will never get the answers we want – those questions are simply looking for guarantees, and with love, as with life, there are no guarantees.

Will I ever find love?

This is the question a limited being asks. And you are not a limited being! You are an unlimited being in a body – a spiritual being having a human experience.

Will I ever find love?

There are only three answers to this question: yes, no, or undetermined. And, the answer to this question is wholly determined by your level of engagement with life, because it is your daily actions and activities that actually determine whether or not you will find love.

If you sit in an office all day, then go home at night, and don’t interact with anyone, it’s not likely that love will find you.

If you want to find love, don’t just ask about it and wait, DO something about it!!

Set your intention
Pick a time-frame; within the next three months or six months.
Pick the qualities of your potential mate; loving, nurturing, passionate, committed, prosperous, cheerful, optimistic, good communicator, has loving family connections, has deep and lasting friendships.

Give to yourself first
You have to be a vibratory match for the love you want to attract, which means you have to embody the qualities you want in your relationship. If you want a cheerful partner, be cheerful. If you want a partner who supports you, and nurtures you, do this for yourself first.

Do something different
Life loves activity, so the more you give to life, the more life will give to you. For example, if you ask for love, but first thing in the morning you go on the computer and play solitaire for an hour before you get ready for your day, you are not giving much to life. However, if you ask for love, and get up first thing in the morning and treat your body well with yoga or stretching, you are giving yourself love, which inspires life to throw more love your way!

Ask the right questions
The questions you ask make all the difference, so don’t ask limiting questions. Ask those questions that will empower you, and make you an attractive force for love.

What can I do today to be more loving?
How could I inspire someone else?
What would it take for me to be a better giver and receiver?
Is this action I want to take in alignment with my highest good?
What would it take to express the brightest version of myself now?

As a spiritual being in a body, your purpose is to give and receive love. So will you find love? Honestly, it’s not about finding love. It’s about opening to receive the love that is already all around you.

Love needs a place to land, and we give it that space by being loving to ourselves, and loving and appreciating the world around us. Love your life, your neighbors, your car, your garden, and all the moments of your day.

Love always finds a way.


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