Many of us remember loving unicorns as children. We collected unicorn figurines and posters, looked for them in the woods, and dreamt about them. In fact, to this day, I wear a unicorn pendant that a friend of mine made me back in high school because it makes me feel inspired and creative.

But sometimes as we get older, and wiser (we think) we become weighed down by the burdens of our world. We get tired, stressed and lose whatever bit of creativity we’ve been hanging on to.

It was just such a day for me when I received Diana Cooper’s Unicorn Cards. Diana Cooper is most well known for her work with the angels, angel cards, and her online school where she teaches others to connect with and work with their own guardian angels. I’ve greatly admired her wisdom and feel blessed that she is here to share her angelic insights with the world.

So, when I saw that she had a unicorn deck I was grateful to have the confirmation that unicorns, indeed, also have wisdom to offer and are not just the products of an over active imagination or wishful thinking.

The first thing I noticed about this deck was the lovely artwork by artist Damian Keenan. The pictures are inspirational, beautiful, and their magic is subtle. In most of the pictures the unicorn is a gentle energy behind the scenes of something greater.

Here are three of my favorite images, Magic, Choices and Queen of the Unicorns:

Unicorn Magic photo DeannaSept09011.jpg

 photo DeannaSept09012.jpg

Unicorn Queen photo DeannaSept09013.jpg

This 44 card deck comes with a small book that gives a brief meaning for each card, along with a one line affirmation.

For example, card 21 – Mystery – We live in a world of wonder and mystery for much is hidden from our understanding. The unicorns are asking you to look under the surface and you will be pleasantly surprised at what you find. Affirmation: I am looking for the unexpected.

The deck comes in a box that also serves as a display stand. I like this because I can pick a card for the day, and leave it on my desk so that I can receive its inspiration every time I’m on my computer, which, being a writer, can be several hours a day.

The book also includes some layout examples, though you are surely not limited to these.

I have found this deck to be enjoyable, inspirational and truly helpful. In those moments where I just need a bit of encouragement, it’s nice to have a unicorn as a muse to provide inspiration. I would highly recommend this deck for anyone who loves unicorns, children as well as adults, or anyone who is searching for a way to strengthen their connection to the divine.

We knew this truth as children, but may have forgotten. The energy and inspiration of the unicorn is not a fleeting thing or wisp of a dream. Their gentle energy is as tangible as the angels, and every bit as loving.


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