cards message from heavenLove and Guidance from the Other Side of Life
by Jacky Newcomb

I recently had the good fortune to receive a copy of “Messages from Heaven Communication Cards” by Jacky Newcomb.

Jacky is a British author, and an angel and afterlife expert, who has written at least 25 books on this topic.

These lovely cards are a way to receive messages from loved ones on the other side. I have never worked with a deck that’s geared toward messages from loved ones who have passed on, and I wondered how helpful, or insightful, this deck would be, or would it be similar to an angel deck?

I decided to draw a card; I was in a crummy mood, and was being very hard on myself. I asked “what should I do?”

I drew card 16: Trust, love and appreciate yourself; show respect for “you.”

It was perfect, as I’d actually been being very critical toward myself, and couldn’t seem to feel better while I was that judgmental.

Jacky states in her book that the deceased are generally trying to contact the living “based on a desire to reassure.” She’s taken what she’s found from her own experiences to be the most common messages from the other side, and created the deck around them.

Some messages include:

We care about you; we want you to take care of yourself.
Changes can bring you new life and energy; we will hold your hand.
Let us hug you; close your eyes as we hold you close.
We have fun and you too must enjoy yourself.
Hold us in your heart, not in your home; it’s OK to de-clutter.
Talk to us; we are still listening.

The messages in this deck are loving and supportive, and after working with it, I would definitely say that I had the feeling of being connected to loved ones from beyond, more-so than angelic helpers. And clients that I used this deck with who’d recently lost a loved one had an immediate and powerful connection to this deck; they could really feel the presence of their loved one.

This deck comes in a convenient and attractive box that closes with a magnetic strip. There are 44 cards in all, and they are beautifully illustrated with real-life photography which includes animals, people, and scenes from nature. There is a little booklet included that discusses ways the deceased reach out to us, traditional tools for spirit contact, and even suggestions for rituals and protection (if you find them necessary).

In the chapter, “How do the deceased reach out from Heaven?” she talks about different ways our loved ones may already be communicating with us, including finding white feathers, experiencing synchronicities, and appearing in dreams.

I had an interesting synchronicity as I did a reading for myself with these cards. I was listening to Pandora Radio, and just as I drew my cards, this song started playing. “I Will Find You (Afterlife Mix)” by Clannad. I definitely felt like I was making a connection to my loved ones from beyond this realm.

One day I decided to share these cards on my Facebook page, CosmicAngel11, and I offered to draw a card for anyone who wanted. The response was amazing, and every single person LOVED the card I drew for them! Even across the internet, they felt the energy of loved ones speaking to them through the cards.

I have enjoyed using this deck because honestly, sometimes those on the other side do not have an easy time communicating with us on this side of the veil. Even when we are open to receiving messages from them, we can be stubborn, and simply not see the subtle ways they reach for us.

Everyone has someone on the other side who loves them across time and space; friends, family, even ancestors, seek to give guidance and support. And we can all use every bit of support available to us.

Deanna received this deck from the Publisher for the purposes of reviewing.


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